The House of Runo at Caer Cadarn


The House of Runo is located at the lovely Caer Cadarn.  The name is derived from the books by Bernard Cromwell known as The Warlord Chronicles.  Caer Cadarn, or affectionately called “The Caer” is the place where kings were crowned.  It is now the center of Caer Cadarn and The House of Runo.  The homestone lies here and all slaves collared to the house are collared at this location.

In the background is The Black Tarn Tavern.  A typical Gorean tavern where slaves serve and dance and men are men.  One of the training areas for the slaves of The House of Runo, also known as HORs.  The Black Tarn Tavern is the site of many gatherings including broadcasts from both Goreans Portal Radio and The Whip Radio.


As can be seen, The Black Tarn Tavern is in the delta region of Gor.  Lush beauty surrounds the tavern to match the lush beauty that can be found within.  HOR slaves are among the best to be found in Second Life Gor.  Wanton and eager to serve they are trained and ready to provide for your every need.

Caer Cadarn is ripe with hidden escapes and pleasure gardens.  Areas to take a stroll or enjoy some intimate time together.  Beautiful scenery entices visitors to wander and relax.  Pavilions and private locations provide the chance to spend some time and take advantage of what the HOR slaves have to offer.


The farms at Caer Cadarn grow the finest grapes and kalana.   We make use of the G&S system to brew the best Ka-la-na to be found within Second Life Gor.  The brewery is an active place at the Caer and trade is just as important.  We chose to focus on brewing only the best spirits rather than spread ourselves out to all areas of the G&S.  We believe that this will promote role play within Second Life and hope that others will begin to follow suit.

Because we focus on only one area of the G&S system we do produce and market the finest ka-la-na in all of Second Life Gor.   You can find our ka-la-na in all the best markets and taverns.  Look for this banner to know that you are getting the best in Gorean spirits.


Because The House of Runo is actively involved in trading and building relations with other cities, this provides opportunities for HOR slaves to become involved in multiple cities.   A HOR slave should never be bored as there are plenty of opportunities to serve and plenty of work to be done.

Because we do believe in the Second Life Gorean philosophy we do allow for some earth influence at Caer Cadarn.  We recognize that none of us are truly Gorean.  Rather we are earth inhabitants who come to Second Life to experience what life might be like on Gor.   Thus we realize that we do bring our earth traditions with us.  We try to limit these to a certain extent to experience more fully what life would truly be like on Gor, but we don’t eliminate them all together.

So you may find an influence or two on Caer Cadarn.  Some areas may change with earth seasons or holidays.  Certain celebrations may be held from time to time.  For instance, right now on The Caer is the winter wonderland which includes skating.  Again, we do recognize that skating is not mentioned in the books, nor do we care.  We are not strictly “By The Book” but rather we are Second Life Goreans living in Second Life Gor.

If none of the above has enticed you to come visit The House of Runo and Caer Cadarn, then perhaps listening to the ad below will.  Just remember that all are invited to come visit, enjoy and take advantage of all Caer Cadarn and the HOR has to offer.

Press Play and Enjoy

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