The Gorean Compass – Gorean Campus Class Intro

We mentioned in a previous blog post that Master Gorm Runo was changing the name of his class at the Gorean Campus.  Previously known as Philosophy of Gor, the name has been changed to The Gorean Compass – a philosophical guide to Second Life Gor.  The reason for the name change was to more accurately…… Continue reading The Gorean Compass – Gorean Campus Class Intro


Slave Positions Class

Lovely, Rhiannon, slave of Master Gorm Runo, presented a magnificent class on slave positions.  The class was held in the village of Tosar in the slave kennels.  Rhiannon covered five of the most common slave positions.  Not only did she teach the position, but she taught the emoting of the position. Following are transcripts from…… Continue reading Slave Positions Class

Gorean Philosophy class 3 – Eternal Recurrence

Just an FYI… the Gorean Philosophy Class at Gorean Campus has changed names.  Name has changed, but teacher and amazing content is still the same!  The class is now call The Gorean Compass – a Philosophical guide to Second Life Gor. This is the transcript of this weeks class.  If you would like to join…… Continue reading Gorean Philosophy class 3 – Eternal Recurrence

HOR Birthday Celebrations

The House of Runo consistently asserts that we are not out-of-character, nor are we in-character.  We assert that we are Second Life Goreans.  We follow the Gorean Philosophy as closely as possible all the while recognizing that we are, in reality, on earth. As such, The House of Runo does celebrate many earth holidays and maintains…… Continue reading HOR Birthday Celebrations

Gorean Philosophy Class 2 – Overcoming Otherworldliness

Once again presenting the transcript from Master Gorm’s class on Gorean Philosophy at Gorean Campus.  This class was held on 1/12/2017. Just are reminder, these classes are held every Thursday at The Gorean Campus in Second Life at 12:00pm (Noon) and 6pm SLT. Tal and greetings Goreans. Today, we are going to continue laying the…… Continue reading Gorean Philosophy Class 2 – Overcoming Otherworldliness

The HOR grows…

The House of Runo is proud to announce the addition of two more slaves.  Misty and Ashlynn.  Both girls bring plenty of experience and, of course, sensuality to the House of Runo. Misty was actually collared a couple weeks ago.  She had belonged to Master Gorm Runo once before and we are thrilled that she…… Continue reading The HOR grows…