Gorean Compass Class – Nature vs Nurture (or the attraction of Gor)

The Gorean Compass class held on Febuary 16th at The Gorean Campus.  Presented by Master Gorn he speaks about the attraction that Gor holds for many despite the changing attitudes of our current society. Tal and Greetings I would like to begin todays talk with some thoughts related to the last seminar and especially one of the…… Continue reading Gorean Compass Class – Nature vs Nurture (or the attraction of Gor)


Gorean Compass class 1 – Realism

Class given at Gorean Campus on February 2, 2017 by Master Gorm Runo.  This class dealt with realism as one major quality of the Gorean ethos: Tal and Greetings. When I used to give classes in a now defunct Gorean educational institute that came long before our esteemed Gorean Campus, I always included “realism” as…… Continue reading Gorean Compass class 1 – Realism

Happy Birthday Master Drusus

The House of Runo had another big celebration as we all came together to wish Master Drusus Happy Birthday.  Master Drusus is the tavern Master of the Black Tarn Inn and so, as you can imagine the party was amazing. We all went down to Master Drusus’ house on Caer Cadarn which just so happens…… Continue reading Happy Birthday Master Drusus

Slave Class – Gorean Drinks

Once again Rhiannon took the podium (so to speak) at The Village of Tosar to teach us all about Gorean Drinks.  The information was excellent and everyone got a chance to emote serving at least one drink.  Tiggy was class scribe and thanks to her we have a very thorough notecard of Gorean drinks and…… Continue reading Slave Class – Gorean Drinks