What The House of Runo has to offer

The House of Runo operates differently than typical slave houses found here in Second Life Gor. The focus is on offering you several different activities, providing a Gorean experience that YOU will enjoy. The HOR is able to do this by being active in different cities and villages in Gor, as well as maintaining a “home base” at Caer Cadarn, an Island in the Vosk Delta.


The Black Tarn Tavern, one of Gors premiere establishments, is located on the Island of Caer Cadarn and enables the slaves of the House to train to be slaves to men, paga slaves, and eventually, pleasure slaves of Gor, in a safe, encouraging environment.

Caer Cadarn has long been a place in Second Life Gor that promotes doing what you love to do as a Gorean that understands that we exist both here in the virtual world as well as in the real world. We understand that there is a person behind the avatar with emotions. We do not think in terms of OOC/IC on Caer Cadarn. We simply are who we are as Goreans.

At any given time you could walk into the tavern and enjoy some delicious role play, then head over to pleasure gardens to delight in all the naughty niches and the slaves that will happily attend upon you within. Hop on over to the beach and hang out listening to the waves crashing or slip off to the dance pavilion and get close to the one you’re with couples dancing.

Caer Cadarn is home to a small G&S farm that produces Gors finest Ka-La-Na, and the Vosks strongest rence as well as food for those that both live on the Island or are visiting. The House trains and races tharlarions as well.


Malignance, Port Kar

The HOR has a holding in Port Kar complete with an office, main room, kitchen, sleeping chambers for Guardsman and slaves as well as a “Play Room.” Port Kar is an RP City and the closest city to Caer Cadarn. Members of the HOR can find lots to do for the House in Port Kar.


Slaver/Merchant – Run affairs under the Captains command, stimulate RP for slaves kenneled there and contribute to Port Kar and the HOR with that RP.

Guardsman – Protect all members and property that belong to the House of Runo,
under the Captains command. Contribute to RP in Port Kar and the HOR. Represent the House in tournaments of sword and steel.

Physician – Provide heath care for the crew and slaves housed or kenneled in the holding at Port Kar. Contribute to RP in Port Kar and the HOR. Maintain accurate records on status of health for the members of the HOR in your care.

Glorious Ar
The Owner of the House of Runo, Gorm Runo, has a home in Gors grandest city, Ar. The little estate boasts an office, kennels, kitchen and main room along with bedroom chambers and a yard. Gorm Runo, an esteemed Gorean, maintains a close friendship with the Administrator of Glorious Ar, Fidelio Matador.

Glorious Ar offers much to the lifestyle Gorean as well as the Rper. There is a notorious discussion broadcast on Goreans Portal Radio held every Wednesday night in Ar.  Knowledgeable Goreans such as Gorm Runo, Fidelio Matador and his slave Debbie rotate leading the discussion that is bound to be enlightening for the Gorean novice as well
as the seasoned Gorean.

The Tournament of Swords is one SL Gors longest running active tourneys. Held every other Friday within the city itself, the tournament is broadcast on Goreans Portal Radio and preceded by a delightful dance troupe, the Dancers of Glorious Ar.

All members of the HOR are welcome to attend the events held in Ar as well as contribute to the community with RP. Friendly to newcomers yet full of long time Goreans, Glorious Ar is the perfect place for the Gorean lifestyler to spend time, RP and learn much.
Tosar Village

The House of Runo owns the slave house in Tosar Village. Gorm Runo has another residence inside the village as well.

Classes are held at the HOR slave house in Tosar, presented by seasoned kajirae that have attained pleasure slave status within the house.

Tosar is home to the Hall of Moons. An amazing atmosphere for radio broadcasts and discussions. You’ll find yourself looking down upon Gor from high above. Gorm Runo frequently broadcasts his show, The Gorean Compass, from the Hall of Moons on Goreans Portal Radio on Monday or Tuesday afternoons.

Tosar is newcomer friendly and uses the G&S system to enhance and promote RP.

All members of the HOR are encouraged to spend time in the village and contribute to the RP and are welcome at all events held there.


Slaver/Merchant – Run affairs for the HOR. Stimulate RP for slaves kenneled there and contribute to Tosar Village and the HOR with that RP. Guardsman – Protect all members and property that belong to the House of Runo. Contribute to RP in Tosar and the HOR.
Represent The HOR in Warriors Tournaments.

The Gorean Campus
The Gorean Campus is an excellent place to learn absolutely everything you could wish to know about Gor.

Gorm Runo presents a stimulating class on the Philosophy of Gor, The Gorean Compass, attempting to open minds to seeing more than meets the eye and seeking the deeper truths of ourselves as Goreans and the world we exist in.

The Gorean Compass can be attended on Thursdays at 12pm SLT and then again at 6pm SLT at the Gorean Campus in the Main Classroom.

All HOR members are encouraged to attend and offer up opinions during the discussion that occurs after each classes teaching for that day. We also promote taking any classes that you may fancy at the Campus.


Monday – Slave Training at the Tosar Kennels, 11amSLT & 7pmSLT.

Tuesday – Gorm Runo broadcasts from 1pm – 3pm SLT on Goreans Portal Radio from
the Hall of Moons at Tosar Village.

Wednesday – Tharlarion Racing, 2pmSLT
Discussion in Glorious Ar, 6-8pmSLT

Thursday – The Gorean Compass, Philosophy of Gor Class, Presented by Gorm Runo at
the Gorean Campus. Times, 12pmSLT and 6pmSLT.

Friday – Tournament of Swords in Glorious Ar and Ko Ro Ba, at 6pmSLT. Dance
performance begins at 5pmSLT

Saturday – Tharlarion Racing, 8amSLT. Rhiannon’s Rockin World Gorean Whip
Radio Broadcast and Dance Party, 6-8pmSLT.

Sunday – RP Day!
To keep up with everything happening with the House of Runo, make sure to follow this blog site

Keep up with HOR Racing using the Tharlarion Racers of Gor website. http://www.tharlrace.space/

The House of Runo is always recruiting. The goal being community within our Gorean virtual world. Stop on by andmeet some of the people …

  • the owner, Gorm Runo (Gorm Runo),
  • The tavern Master, Drusus (Tippy.Carver) or the
  • slave girls tabi (xtabi.galaxy),
  • rhiannon (rhiannon0327), or
  • tiggy (kel.blindside),

for more info!

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