Slave Training – Gorean Tavern and Money on Gor


This week’s slave training class presented by Master Gorm’s slave Rhiannon.  These classes are presented every Monday at the village of Tosar ad 11am and 6pm SLT.  The Handouts mentioned in the class can be found in the next blog post.

[11:03] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i have three handouts for today. i’ll get those to ya’all now.
[11:07] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Todays class is on the Gorean Tavern and Money on Gor.
[11:07] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i decided to put these two together considering that in the tavern is a place where kajira tend to come into contact with money the most.
[11:09] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If you pull out the Tavern Basics Handout, you will see there is a lot of information there.

tavern interior
[11:11] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): I know that all of us here are seasoned kajriae.
[11:11] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): The information in the tavern basics handout should be known to you.
[11:12] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i am going to highlight a couple of things within it though…
[11:12] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): smiles
[11:12] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): In a paga tavern, when a slave serves, she is also offering herself to the customer. Thus, she will desire to please the customer as much as possible and make herself as desirable as possible. Gorean men enjoy imaginative and sensual women. Let your serve show your creativity and sensuality. You are selling yourself, not just a cup of paga or wine. Show how well you can move. Accentuate your allure and desirability. Make the customer lust for you. A kajira that could not entice the customers into the alcoves would be severely disciplined by the tavern owner, sold or even killed. You are there to make money for him so if you cannot earn your keep, you are useless to him.
[11:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): looking around the room i know you are all very capable of and accustomed to serving in this manner.
[11:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): I must ask however, if there are any questions about this?
[11:15] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) grins licking lips at just the thought of serving within the alcoves “no questions from me”
[11:15] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Okay. smiles. Some finer points of serving in a tavern…
[11:15] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): We went of the art of the Gorean Serve last Monday, so we should all know the basic steps of serving.
[11:16] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): learned about*
[11:16] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Long involved serves were more common at feasts where the host is trying to impress his guests. In most taverns, long serves are impractical and unnecessary. Be creative in your serves but do not over do it. Save long serves for special occasions. In a cheap paga tavern, the men simply want their food and drink without some long presentation. The patrons would likely get angry at a girl that took too long to deliver or serve their order.

tavern serving
[11:18] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): This is something i have trouble with myself. Being accustomed to serving in the old text chat rooms where we had to describe every detail of what we were doing to paint the picture for those we were in service to.
[11:18] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): i have never had a complaint about that
[11:18] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles at Sarah.
[11:18] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): I have.
[11:18] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): if we have complaints we will send them t you lol
[11:19] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): i can be a slow typer at times when i get absorbed in serving… and end up writing a book.. im so bad for that lol
[11:19] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): haha! Yes please do. blushes.
[11:19] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i am not saying not to be intricate in your service.
[11:19] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Omit things like what you look like and add more feeling perhaps. I was taught that this is the way that things are done here in Second Life Gor.
[11:20] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): I always try to keep serves to a three post maximum in the tavern.
[11:21] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): i normally set it up that way too… confirm order, prep, serve
[11:21] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): yes, tiggy.
[11:22] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): And if the free are deep in conversation I keep the posts short so it doesn’t interrupt their conversation. In those cases, the focus is not on me, so I try not to be the center of attention.
[11:23] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): nods in agreement
[11:23] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Good point, tabi. Another new concept to many i think though, as back in the day i was trained to captivate or use my time in service as a way of drawing attention to myself… such as it says in the NC i handed out.
[11:23] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Most service online is so boring, for the customer and the kajira. Vie for the attention of the customers. Become the most popular kajira in the tavern by being the most imaginative server.
[11:25] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): However, i would like to say, that since becoming owned by my Master and learning the true nature of being kajira… i would like to offer that what tabi said and tiggy agreed with is the best way to be in tavern service.
[11:26] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): unobtrusive, absolutely sensual, focus on the Master in service to, even judging his mood or wants from you as a slave. \
[11:26] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): That comes with time.
[11:26] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If you notice a Master paying you attention in everything you do, why not play it up? He is obviously enjoying it.
[11:27] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): grins
[11:27] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If he is deep in conversation, and paying you little mind, go with the unobtrusive approach.
[11:28] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Like i said, these things you learn over time in service.
[11:28] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Does anyone have any comments or questions about anything in the Handout or anything said here about taverns today?
[11:29] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): none from me sis, that i havent already said hehe
[11:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles at tigs.
[11:29] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): i am good
[11:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Okies.
[11:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Yay!
[11:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): tabi? giggles waiting for a long question or comment.

************* MONEY SECTION **************

gorean money

[11:30] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Okay so here comes the tie in with Money.
[11:30] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Oh sorry, Master is talking to me
[11:30] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles
[11:30] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): no worries i understand, tabi.
[11:31] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Something i rarely see anymore in tavern service is the actual use of prices for things, collecting payment and so on.
[11:32] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): It seems that most use the tavern like a long hall in the north.
[11:32] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Free flowing drink, food and sluts for all that enter.
[11:33] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): i dont think many understand the value of coin… i’ve seen people throw away gold coins like they were spare change.. when really thats like a physician’s whole year’s worth of salary
[11:33] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Yes, exactly, tiggy.
[11:33] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): But, what is a tavern but a business?
[11:33] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): a business where coin is exchanged for services and product.
[11:34] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): To most Goreans, a silver tarsk is a coin of considerable value. A gold tarn disk is more than many common laborers earn in a year. A gold tarn may buy a tarn or five slave girls. Five pieces of gold is a fortune and one can live in many cities for years on such resources. For the most part, many items on Gor will sell for copper tarsks
[11:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): At the bottom of the first handout, you will see a Earth to Gor conversion or comparison. This is what i always use when thinking of Gorean money.
[11:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Let’s try to translate this into U.S. dollars then. If we assume a common laborer made minimum wage or a bit above that, then a gold tarn would be at least between $15,000 to $25,000. For simplicity’s sake, we can average this to $20,000. Now that we have a starting point, we can use it to translate the other Gorean coins into U.S. currency.
If we assume ten silver tarsks equal one gold tarn, then a silver tarsk is worth about $2000.
If we then assume 100 copper tarsks equal one silver tarsk, then a copper tarsk is worth about $20.
If we then assume eight tarsk bits equal a copper tarsk, then a tarsk bit is worth about $2.50.
((Please remember that these are only rough approximations. They give you a relative comparison between Gorean and Earth prices.))
[11:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): This is the easiest way for me to remember the coins and their value.
[11:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i could never be a banker on Gor.
[11:37] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): me and numbers dont gel well..
[11:37] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles.
[11:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Soooo using this model, a cup of paga in a cheap tavern we could guess would cost approximately 3 copper tarsk bits.
[11:39] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Perhaps only 2. Making it a five dollar cup of paga.
[11:39] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Does that make sense to everyone?
[11:39] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): yes
[11:39] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): awesome.
[11:39] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles.
[11:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): waits for tigs seeing that she has something to say.
[11:40] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): nods nods… so that makes us paga sluts 5 dollar hoes hehehe… couldnt resist…
[11:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): haha yes.
[11:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): grins.
[11:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): you silly slut you can’t help yourself can you?
[11:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles
[11:40] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): laughs.. nope… sorry.. i’ll behave now
[11:40] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Not much for a paga slut/pleasure slave/possibly dancer also.
[11:41] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Indeed, tabi. Although dancers often cost a little more for use in the alcoves. Negotiated with the tavern Master of course.
[11:42] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): the term pleasure slave gets thrown around a lot these days though.. every kajira claims to be one
[11:42] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Makes me wonder, if girls realized this, why anyone would want to be a paga slut.
[11:42] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Well, and every girl wants to be first girl or the main girl forgetting that most slaves were just plain working slaves
[11:43] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): especially on a man with a long chain of girls
[11:43] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles listening
[11:43] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): hehe yep, exactly! lol
[11:44] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): good points from both of you.
[11:44] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles. i think that girls that enjoy pleasing in the furs are the ones you will find in most taverns tabi.
[11:45] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Moving forward though .. smiles
[11:46] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): In a tavern, there should be a menu. i would suggest taking a look at it if it is available and making yourself familiar with what the tavern offers and the price for those services or products.

[11:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): When serving a free, use that knowledge, creating the atmosphere of actually being in a pay establishment and not in a Jarls longhall.
[11:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): ie; “May a slave please offer you todays special Master? The fried fish is delicious and only 3 bits!”
[11:49] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): or: “HOR Ka-La-Na is the finest on Gor, Master. May i please bring you a cup?”
[11:49] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Then, if he accepts your suggestion, “Thank you, Master, that will be a copper tarsk please.”
[11:50] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Tabs can be run in the taverns. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inform the patron of the price of things unless he tells you he doesn’t care.
[11:50] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Slaves are not allowed to touch money.
[11:50] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Well, and the way role play goes they’re all rich enough to afford it anyway, hehehe
[11:50] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): right!
[11:50] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): sighs heavily.
[11:50] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles.
[11:52] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i suppose that is why i try to say to create the atmosphere of a southern Gorean paga tavern by using the coin. So there is a distinguishable difference between tavern service and longhall service. Even though most of the free won’t know the information that you will know as a slave serving.
[11:52] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): You probably know that slaves cannot touch money on Gor.
[11:53] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): So this presents a small difficulty in collecting payment for the drink or food.
[11:53] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Hopefully, the free you are serving realizes this and tosses coins to the table or to the tavern Master or Owner.
[11:54] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): its hard to fold a coin and insert it under the waits band of a gstring
[11:54] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): lol
[11:54] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If that doesn’t happen, you may stick out your tongue and open your mouth and accept the coins into your mouth.
[11:54] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): It is!
[11:54] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): I always cringe at the money in the mouth thing.
[11:55] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): put a donation box in the tavern
[11:55] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i imagine some poor soul having to dump the contents of the collection box out to count it and having all that slave spit to contend with.
[11:56] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Yes, Sarah that is always a great way of helping with the issue of money in a tavern and not having slaves have to fiddle with it at all.
[11:56] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): But, just in case there is not one, slaves should know how they can carry it.
[11:57] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Most will carry it in a silk, or even rp that they have a small pouch to collect it with, perhaps hung about her neck.
[11:57] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside) nose wrinkles just imagining the after taste the coin would leave in her mouth and makes a bleh face
[11:58] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): especially copper
[11:58] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Just make sure that your skin does not touch the coin and you will be fine.

[11:58] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles, yes,
[11:58] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): The handouts are there for reference of for further reading on the subjects we discussed this afternoon.
[11:59] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): hehe if by some miracle i was clothed for a change i would offer for the Master to slip the coins in my camisk or something
[11:59] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i hope you find them useful.
[11:59] Sarah (KajiraSlvRed): very nicely done rhia
[11:59] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Does anyone have any comments or questions about money and using it in tavern service?
[11:59] – Ϯɪɢɢƴ – (Kel Blindside): let the tavern Master have fun fishing them out later.. giggles
[11:59] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles.

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