Gorean Compass – What do we do with free women

The Gorean Compass classes offered at The Gorean Campus available to all to come learn and discuss.  Held every Thursday in Second Life at noon and 6pm SLT.  Here is one of the latest classes offered by Master Gorm Runo

Tal and Greetings

I want to start off today by telling a story.

Once upon a time, almost half a century ago, a man wrote a book in which he suggested that fantasy could improve the sexual relationships of couples.  He suggested several “bedroom” fantasies that would provide a spark and if done properly could revitalize stale relationships.

One of the suggested ideas was “Big strong Man from a distant planet enslaves female and reduces her to total sexual slavery.”   A few details were given to spice it up, and then the book moved on to pretending your partner was a French Maid, or young School girl in a plaid skirt.

imaginative sex

Some time later, the author, becoming concerned over social trends and the rise of feminism decided to expand the “Man enslaves girl” idea into a novel where he could present some of his ideas.  He wrote a book called “Tarnsman of Gor” and the rest is history.

Now, he was suddenly wrapped up in a whole new genre.  Science Fiction and Fantasy, and in the books that followed, he fleshed out a whole world on a planet on the other side of the sun.  He had to provide details and geography and alien plants and animals and hundreds of other details.

But, he faced a problem.  He couldn’t suggest, even in fantasy, a whole planet consisting of nothing but strong dominant men and hot enslaved females.

There were other considerations.  After all, the bedroom fantasy of Master/slave did not address many of the most important aspects of the male/female dynamic.  It did not address the birth and nurturing of children, which is arguably the most important biological and evolutionary purpose of pair bonding.  Obviously, he needed females to perform the myriad other roles necessary in an advanced society.

So, he introduced Free Women.   They were really just a fictional device to make his world make a bit of sense.

Free Woman

On one hand, we are told quite a bit about Gorean Free Women, but on the other hand, when compared with information on Gorean men and even more so , with slave girls and submitted females, we have very little to even provide a good role play guide.

And much of the information is contradictory.  We get quotes about how there is nothing greater or more glorious than the Gorean Free Women, most of the ones we meet after the first few books are not glorious and admirable females at all.  They are mostly arrogant, or ignorant, or really slaves waiting for a Master.  Most of the ones we encounter, especially in the later books, act badly, are enslaved for their behavior, and turn into marvelous slaves.


Of course, we have to remind ourselves that the author was not laying out the ground work for a massive online role play world, nor was he hinting at a potential lifestyle based on his writings or philosophy, so he was under no obligation to flesh out the Free Women of Gor  and he mostly continued to use them as a plot device and trivia prop, much as he did sleens and kalana groves.

But, regardless, a massive role play world did develop online, and an alternative lifestyle based on his writings emerged, and thus we had to deal with the “left out” part of the original fantasy.

What to do with the Free Women?

In the very early days, when the Gorean online community leaned more toward a group of fans of the books, and people interested in recreating some of the dynamics in their real lives, there were many people who did not see a need for Free Women in online Gor at all.

After all, they argued.  The Women of Earth sort of represented the Free Women roles, mothers, wives, companions, soul mates, and that minority of females whose true nature was such that submission was not an option.  On Gor, they were necessary to flesh out the fictional world, but online they just got in the way of exploring the Master/slave dynamic fully.



Online “Panthers” were even more out of place in those early days.  After all, panther girls totally rejected Gorean society, and lived in the jungles avoiding as much contact with it as they could.  So, some people questioned why anyone would come online to be part of a community when they were identifying with a group that rejected that communities values?  After all, wouldn’t the panther girls of Gor have jumped at a chance to escape the jungles of Gor and settle down in a nice house in New Jersey, or a condo in Florida?

Yet, even back in the very first chat rooms, there were Free Women, and Panther girls.

When Second Life Gor became a reality, and role play exploded, and the chance to do exactly what JN had to do to flesh out his world became our challenge, the roles of Free Women and panther girl expanded and became a more logical part of the equation.

From my own observations over the years, I generally recognize three distinct types of Free Women in Second Life Gor.


Type one is the most rare.  They are women who have found something in the whole idea of Gor that appeals to them, but slavery and submission are not an option.   They are generally women with great dignity and usually extremely intelligent.  They defer to males and accept their leadership in the Gorean world, but without any of the blind submission of the kajira.


Type two is what would be called a Domme in the BDSM world.  She is one of those women that we recognize as the statistical exception to the general Male-dominant, female-submissive rule and exhibit roughly the same kind of dominant attitudes of the Gorean male.

Type three is what I would call “the silly girl.” type.   This is a female fascinated by the Gorean world, but not really understanding it at all.  They see FW as a romantic idea much like the ladies in Medieval fantasy or Game of Thrones.  Most of the complaints that we hear about these girls are based on the fact that on many rp sims, the Men spend a lot of time sitting around the tea shops sipping tea and trying to court and impress these girls like a group of high school nerds in the cafeteria trying to impress the cheerleaders.

I say that those distinctions come from my own observations because as we have discussed previously in this seminar, I am a Gorean male, and can not ever hope to understand females. What motivates Free Women?  Why do they chose Gor when it is, if nothing else, a place that stresses male leadership and dominance.  Gor is the “patriarchy on steroids”, and yet since its early days, females have been drawn to it while not embracing the totality of the sexual slave fantasy that gave it birth.


It would be wonderful if the answer to those questions pointed to the underlying philosophy and suggested there is much more to this whole Gor experience than sex and the desire to spice things up in the bed chambers.  Perhaps, Free Women are an essential clue that might unlock the real lessons of Gor, and more effort should go into understanding their role in our online Community and in how they are portrayed in our role play cities.   This is a subject that I have no clear answers on, but it is one that I am always willing to ask questions about, and to listen to the opinions of others.

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