Gorean Compass – Safely Back on Earth

From the Gorean Compass class taught at Gorean Campus on Thursdays at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are invited to come and participate in these amazing classes taught by Master Gorm Runo.

Tal and Greetings.

During this two week break in classes and while I was preparing the topics and classes for the remainder of the Summer and on into the Fall, I realized that the azimuths of the Gorean Compass were going to be leading us through some rough terrain.

With that in mind, todays talk is more like a pre-flight check list to make sure everything is in order and ready for take off.

I have a long quote to start us off.  This is from Marauders of Gor.

“I thought then of Vella, once Elizabeth Cardwell, whom I had encountered in the city of Lydius, at the mouth of the Laurius River, below the borders of the forests, I had once loved her, and had wanted to return her safe to Earth.  But, she had not honored my will, but, that night, had saddled my tarn, great Ubar of the Skies, and fled the Sardar.  When the bird returned, I, in fury, had driven it away.  Then I had encountered the girl in a paga tavern in Lydius; she had fallen slave. Her flight had been a brave act. I admired her, but it was an act not without its consequences.  She had gambled; she had lost.  In an alcove, after I had used her, she had begged me to buy her, to free her.  It was a slave’s act like that of Telena.  I had left her slave in the paga tavern.  Before I had left I had informed her master, Sarpedon of Lydius, that, as he did not know, she was an exquisitely trained pleasure slave, and a most stimulating performer of slave dances.  I had not returned that night to see her dance in the sand to please his customers. I had matters of business to attend to. She had not honored my will.  She was only a female.  She had cost me a tarn.

She had told me that I had become harder, more Gorean.  I wondered if it were true or not.  A true Gorean, I speculated, would not have left her in the paga tavern.  A true Gorean, I speculated, would have purchased her, and brought her back, to put her with his other women, a delicious new slave for his house.  I smiled to myself.  The girl Elizabeth Cardwell, once a secretary in New York City, was one of the most delicious little wenches I had ever seen in slave silk.  Her thigh bore the brand of the four bosk horns.

No, I had not treated her as would have a true Gorean.  I had not brought her back in my collar, to serve my pleasures.”

Pages 16-17  Marauders of Gor



He says “her flight had been a brave act,—-but it was an act not without its consequences.”

It is fairly common to see discussions about Internet safety.  We are given warnings about how to protect ourselves from Predators, and keep the wall between Second Life and First Life safely intact.

To use an analogy,   Imagine a hiking path going up a mountain side.  The online safety talks are like the warning signs you see along the way, pointing out potential hazards.  They are telling us to “Beware of Bears” or to watch out for falling rocks.

But, my warning sign today is the one right at the start of the trail.  It is the one you need to read before you even start hiking up the mountain.  Because beginning the trail is a brave act, but it is an act not without consequences.

Among the many things in modern Western Society down there on Earth that are sources of laughter and mockery to Goreans are safe spaces and trigger warnings.  Two quick stories should suffice to illustrate why I would say Goreans mock those things.

Last month, around June 6th, there was a popular meme on the internet.  It said, and I will leave you to imagine the pictures, that “On June 6, 1944, 18 year old boys were storming ashore on Omaha Beach, on June 6, 2017, they are sitting in safe spaces coloring and petting puppies to cope with the trauma of not having their candidate win an election.”

omaha beach

And this very morning, I read of a review of the movie, “Dunkirk” which is a story of the British evacuation of their army from France in the early part of World War II.   it included a “trigger warning” that some people might be “put off” by the fact that there are few roles for women, and no lead actors of color.


Make no mistake.  This kind of foolishness is what John Norman was talking about when he wrote many of his passages suggesting that ignoring natural order and not recognizing our true natures would lead to insanity and misery and perversion.  And he was writing these things 40 years ago.

So, here is your trigger warning.  Gor is not a safe space.

I make this statement based on observation that has spanned almost twenty years, and has seen the growth of online Gor from a few small chatrooms to a constantly expanding Second Life community.

I have seen people with all manner of mental, emotional, and psychological problems that are severely impacting their real lives seek to find healing and solutions by immersing themselves in either Gorean role play or even Gorean lifestyle activities.


And there have been few success stories to relate.

For many females, the idea of surrendering control is tempting.  Someone else takes over and all the problems go away.  That is a pipe dream.  By definition, you can not surrender something that you do not possess.  If you are not at least somewhat in control of your life, then it is not surrender and some idyllic Dominance/submissive relationship.  It is co-dependence.

For many males, the idea of being in control is tempting.  So, many feel so out of control in their own relationships and know they are, as Norman puts it, giving up their very manhood, willingly.
So, here they are called Master, and the girls kneel at their feet and obey, and it is heady stuff.
But, no matter how good you can role play it, and how good you pretend, your weakness will be outed here, and these girls at your feet, so hungry for real manhood, are like fine tuned radar now searching out dishonesty and weakness and sooner or later exposing it.

I am not saying that if you are not superman or superwoman, you should not attempt to go up that mountain trail, but I am saying that before you do, you should be aware of what you are likely to encounter, and you should make sure you are not going to be hiking with excess baggage.

caveman baggage

The Gorean world, even to the most hard core and experienced of role players has a seductive power to it.   So, many people have left it, only to be drawn back by some attraction that they are hard pressed to explain.   The story of Elizabeth Cardwell and Tarl is typical.  In Nomads, they are like young lovers, and a lot of their interactions read like the romantic novels you always seem to find at yard sales.  But, Gor is never going to stay that fairy tale romance type of place, and Tarl wanted to “send her safe back to Earth”

She would not go, but her actions had consequences.   It wasn’t going to be ever again mistaken for a Victorian romance novel.

Gor is the counter-Earth.  It is going to be different.  It is not about being excused, it is about stop making excuses.  It is not about hiding from reality in a safe space, but actively confronting ideas and experiences that are totally against your conditioning and previous schooling.  It is about confronting the darker sides of our animal nature, and being less in denial of its existence and the part it plays in our behavior.

If you are standing at the start of my “trail” and considering taking that hike, and you are not sure that you ready, maybe you should “go safe back to Earth” and prepare yourself a little more.  That is what you are going to hear once you begin up that Gorean mountain.  “Get over it” “Toughen up”  “Dig deeper”,  “Try harder.”  “Stop being a wuss.”

personal baggage

On Gor, “you are  human” is never an excuse for failure, but rather a call to a higher standard and demand for excellence.

It is a long, steep, trail, brimming with many dangers and hazards, but the view from the Mountain top is breathtaking.


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