A New Home!

The House of Runo is thrilled to announce they have a brand new home!  We now reside on a full sim which will allow us to invite many more visitors and have bigger and better events and activities.

The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn is one of the main attractions of The House of Runo.  It is situated along the vosk delta, only reachable through a small inlet which leads to the dock.

dock inlet_001

Once landing on the dock visitors can pick up information about the HOR and all it offers.  Straight ahead is the Black Tarn Tavern and Inn and off to the right is the village with shops and activities.

The entire sim is known as Caer Cadarn.  One won’t find the actual Caer, which is a collection of stone ruins, on the main ground since it is a sacred place.  It is to be found up near Master Gorm Runo’s home and can be seen by invitation.  However the rest of the Caer (as we affectionately call our new home) is open access.

The dock_001

Caer Cadarn, The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn are all active G&S participants.  Products are actually used and consumed with the tavern using G&S coins.  Those who live and work with the HOR and at the Caer are all paid salaries, thus creating a thriving economy within the community.

Caer Cadarn follows the philosophy of The House of Runo in that we don’t grow and produce everything that G&S has to offer.  We have a large and thriving Tharlarion ranch and we actively race the Tharlarions.  We are also known for our HOR Ka-la-na, paga and other  strong drinks and so we have a modest Ka-la-na grove.  However, there is plenty that we don’t produce which leaves the HOR open to trade with other G&S farms and communities.


The House of Runo doesn’t only focus on G&S productions, however.  The community contains at least three broadcasters for Goreans Portal Radio.  We have many events which include Tavern Night.  Tavern night is just what it says it is.  We like to keep it as authentic to what one would expect to find at a real gorean tavern.

You’ll find us enjoying tavern night in the Black Tarn Tavern every Thursday evening at 7pm SLT and Sunday evenings at 5pm SLT.  It’s a very popular event and one of the main reasons we moved to a full sim so that more could attend and enjoy.

And don’t worry if you drink too much or aren’t ready to go home and the end of the evening because we have a full inn with plenty of rooms in which to stay and enjoy!

tavern and inn_001

Speaking of enjoyment, Caer Cadarn and The HOR is not all work.  Goreans are known for sucking the marrow out of life and enjoying every nuance of their world.  As such Caer Cadarn provides many places for relaxation and fun!  Lots of romantic locations, quiet locations, adventure or just those little erotic interludes that many enjoy.

For instance, there is a beach over on the side where the vosk delta melds into the Thassa sea.  Dancing, swimming, sunning and fun is easy to find there.  You’ll find a smooth transition as the vosk gives way to a less swampy and humid environment.

overview beach bathhouse pleasure garden_001

Finally coming to the beach with it’s salty ocean spray and more tropical atmosphere.

The beach_001

Right behind the beach with easy access to fresh water is the bathhouse.  Brimming with anything and everything a gorean may need to enjoy their time romping, playing and relaxing in the waters warmed by fires and tended to by beautiful and sensual slave girls!


And next to the beach and bath house is the pleasure gardens.  Beautiful gardens in which to relax, talk and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature…. and each other!

pleasure garden_001

Don’t be thinking that all we do at The House of Runo is play and relax, though.  We are very much into the arts and entertainment.  All of the girls of the HOR are dancers and we are actively involved in the dancing community.

There are also warriors among us.  Guardsmen to protect and defend Caer Cadarn and the surrounding area.  They must hone their skills and keep sharp!  As such there is both a theater/stage area and an arena all ready for those who wish to participate in those activities.

stage and arena_001

As if all of this wasn’t enough, there is more!  A fishing hole with a small cabin are available for the anglers among us.  Stocked with fish and other critters roaming which one would usually find within the vosk delta.

fishing hole_001

Caer Cadarn is home to a variety of citizens.  As such, we have even made room in a small corner of the sim for a wagon camp.  Plans are in the works for more homes to be constructed for those who wish to live and work within the House of Runo and on Caer Cadarn.

wagon camp_001

So come visit!  Come see what we are all about.  The House of Runo is growing and thriving and accepting people of all walks, trades and castes.  Just follow the map provided and you’ll be met by a sultry slave who will be more than willing to show you around and answer all your questions.  We hope to see you soon!


Follow this link to come visit The House of Runo, The Black Tarn Tavern and Caer Cadarn!  Come See us!

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