Gorean Compass – They Sell Well

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings,

One of the discussion points introduced in this seminar and one of the questions we have been asking, as well, is “why are there so many females coming into Second Life Gor, and why is the male to female ratio so out of balance

Man woman scales concept

Last week,  at this seminar, it was suggested that this class and the campus as a whole did not accurately represent the male/female ratio. but I think that it actually does, and pretty much everyone who has been involved in online Gor for any length of time has observed the disparity.

In the book, Renegades of Gor, book 23, there is a passage that might shed some light on the issue.   It is long and full of John Norman/Tarl Cabot’s fondness for using big words, but I will read it here as it contains an important point as well as an answer to our question.

Tarl is discussing the reasons why Earth girls make good slaves, and after listing a few obvious reasons from the Gorean point of view, he says this:

“The major reason, however, in my view, is that the Earth female, raised in a pathological, neuteristic culture, one in which they are taught to fear, suspect, and reject their most basic sexual urges, and their genetically coded depth female nature, find in the natural world of Gor a wondrous blossoming of, and liberation of, their basic femininity, that of the basic, primitive, natural women.

After the constraints and lies of an environment warped politically to sub-serve unnatural interests and goals they encounter for the first time in their lives men who are quite different from most of the men they have been familiar with, men who have not been culturally tamed, men who have not been thwarted, frustrated, crippled, diminished and reduced, and nearly unmade, by calculated regimens of social engineering, men who straightforwardly, unapologetically, forthrightly, innocently, naturally, robustly, virilely, and powerfully desire them, and will possess them, and treasure them, and own them and master them, and fully, as men are wont to do with women.

They have then escaped the sexual desert of Earth and found themselves brought into the radiant , glorious reality of a word such as the Earth once was, a natural world where the males were men, and the females theirs.

I think that Earth females are prized on Gor for a very simple reason.  Categorically mastered, and owned, they make superb slaves.   They thrive in bondage.  In the uncompromising domination to which they are subjected, they find exhaltation.  Nothing less, than the fullness of their womanhood is permitted them.  They are grateful, joyful, to be at last a women in the arms of a true man.

………….Nature fulfilled is nature triumphant, and nature triumphant Is nature as it should be. Happiness is not evil.  Joy is not wrong.  How few people understand that! But, alas, how many livelihoods and profits would be jeopardized or vanish if such truisms were acknowledged!  In any event, for whatever reasons, Earth girls are popular on Gor.

They sell well.

That doubtless explains why they are being brought to Gor in ever larger numbers.” -Page  410   Renegades of Gor        (1986)


Well, that certainly answers that question.  Now, we know exactly why so many females are being brought from Earth into Second Life Gor also.  Apparently, they sell well.

But, if you take your time, and read that passage over slowly and carefully, you are going to see that once again the ball is being served directly into the court of the males.

The females, it is suggested, are fleeing an “environment warped”, and now for the first time meeting men who are quite different than the men they have known before.

The idea here is that the females are frustrated and denied their true natures by the failures of the men of Earth, and now they get to Gor and meet real Men, and now they thrive.

They must come through the gateway to Gor and to punch their admission ticket they need to be willing to surrender control and put their fate in the hands of their Men, who will guide them to happiness and joy.

found myself

But, look at what the Men must do to punch their admission ticket to Gor, and be worthy of the title Gorean male, or Master.   They have to be, at the minimum, culturally untamed, as the passage tells us, and then goes on to suggest a whole list of attributes that would , if openly espoused in Western society on Earth, get a person in serious trouble.  Toxic masculinity and Patriarchy run amok.    Sexist to its very core.

One of the great paradoxes of online Gor has been that from the very beginning the emphasis has been on the training of the females.  Great academies and slave schools have covered the landscape, and great detail and attention has been paid to training from the very beginning.  But, the paradox is that the books tell us that Earth females will come, in great numbers, frustrated and unhappy, disappointed and let down by the males of their world, but assumes that they will be greeted by true Men.   All of the schools and training courses should have been focused on getting males up to the level they needed to be.

The books are sort of suggesting that the females are going to respond naturally to exposure to real Men and a more natural dynamic between them, but, again and again, it is telling us that there is a pretty high standard to being male in this world.  It is unapologetic and uncompromising.


Yet, none of us males were born on Gor.  We, too , were subjected to the same regimen of social bullshit that the females were subjected to back on Earth, and we come to Gor with the same baggage and disappointments and frustrations.

For this to work, however, we had to dump our baggage, and take control.  We had to be the ones with no excuses, and standards so high that they seemed impossible to achieve.  Is it any wonder so few men are up to the task?

I sometimes think why there are more men sitting in Second Life “titty bars” paying lindens for females to remove their tops, or maybe, for a few more lindens, call them “hun”, than there are usually men sitting in my Gorean tavern watching a line of female slaves dance naked.

But, I know the answer.  It is clear as glass.   The man who pays for his little bit of sensual pleasure owes nothing in return.  He paid, he enjoys, end of story.   The man in the tavern should have taken on the mantle of responsibility.  He must be so grounded in Honor and so unselfish in his adherence to codes and duty.   He struggles to control monumental desires and lusts and animal impulses.

And, according to what I read in book 23 , earlier., he is responsible for the fulfillment and blossoming of the females of his former world who have been brought to Gor.


It seems very unfair.  John Norman did not anticipate the internet.  If he had, he might have told us stories of men and women going to Gor in equal numbers, and telling us how both genders were coping with the transition.  Instead , he created a world where frustrated females were going and meeting Gorean men.

So, maybe we have answered two questions today in that passage.  The reason there are not as many males in SL Gor as females might be that an awful lot is being asked of the men, and not that many are willing to pay the price despite the perks they get in return

and why are there so many new females arriving?

Of course, they sell well.

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