Halloween – HOR Style

Halloween has come and gone and as usual The House of Runo had it’s Gorean Halloween Celebration.  Because we do believe that we are neither IC (in character) nor OOC (out of character) we do celebrate the earth holidays.

It has become a House of Runo tradition to create a haunted realm for Halloween festivities and this year was no exception.  Most usually this is created by tabi.   Every year seems to get better and better and this year the Caer Cadarn Haunted Realm took up a whole sim, but up on a platform.  Also this year a tour of the Haunted Realm was filmed and is presented here for your enjoyment:

And of course, what is the use of a Haunted Realm if we did not party!  The House of Runo is like most goreans and we love to celebrate life.  As such we never miss a chance to party.  A few parties were held at the haunted realm.  One was a tavern night in the haunted asylum.  Another highlight was a wild Halloween Costume Party held on the grounds of the Haunted Realm.  I do believe everyone had a good time.  Following are some highlights of both parties:

Dancing among the ghosts.  Everyone joined in.
Protocol is relaxed, yet slaves are slaves and Masters are still Masters.
Master Gorm as Gandalf from Lord of The Rings presided over the celebration.
Rhiannon and Tiggy with matching costumes.
Tuka as either a wolf or kur… either way, she’s a beast – with scream in the background!
Goreans celebrate fully and with exuberance.
The ghosts were restless, but that didn’t stop us!
Halloween – HOR style!
Halloween 8
Tabi the witch and Rhiannon the devil – the two who broadcast the music for the celebrations.

As you can see Goreans are not a stuffy lot.  All of us in Second Life Gor are from earth but we choose to live a Gorean Lifestyle.  That doesn’t stop us from having fun and from celebrating the holidays of earth we’ve all come to love so much.

One thought on “Halloween – HOR Style

  1. Make sure to take a look at flickr to see all the pics from the actual Halloween Party on the Caer on Halloween itself!! We rocked it that night peoples! Largest Halloween celebration attended on SL Gor and for GPR!! Awesome!


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