Gorean Compass – We Don’t Allow That Here

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and Greetings

My class topic for today was intended to continue our discussion on tribalism and how it applies to Second Life Gor, but there was an incident that took place during my Tuesday radio show and was discussed at length again during the Wednesday night discussion broadcast on Gorean Portal Radio  (GPR).

I thought I might make a few comments on this today, and we can pick up the other topic again after our Holiday break next week.

During the radio show, and after reading a section from Dancer of Gor in which the girl narrating the story was reflecting that the feelings and emotions coming to her in the privacy of her room and the comfort of her bed late at night, would have been more appropriate in the past than in the present day.

I related that I had a conversation that very morning over my cup of Blackwine about the reports of children “coming out” as transgender at a very early age.   The point was not to make a value judgement of any kind on this, but rather to suggest the very idea that it was a topic of discussion showed how much the world has changed and how far from basic survival and safety our focus has shifted.

The comment caused a listener to post a response in GPR group chat almost immediately.  The first response was “WTF”   Followed by:  ” F— this and f— you”    This was followed by what is called “virtue signaling.”   The listener demanded to know how I could be so heartless and evil as to not want poor little innocent children to be safe.

I found this passage in the book  Mercenaries of Gor, and despite the typical use of big words and complex sentence structure that John Norman seemed so fond of using, it once again seemed an almost prophetic vision of the rise of the extreme Left in Western Society.

“——And this will always remain true, always, in its own place, and in its own terms, regardless of the lies taught to children, the restriction of educational posts to adherents, the pervasive propaganda, the selective allocation of grants, the denial of freedom and the suppression of alternative views, the furthering of approved opinions and careers, and the engineered distortions of language intended to subvert nature, language used as a conditioning device, to brainwash future generations and preclude the from access even to concepts and categories in which they might strive to understand reality as it is, as facts, and not as the preferences of weaklings, dazzled by abstractions, the celebrants of verbalisms, the devotees of the unnatural, the mindlessly contented victims of a priori absurdities would have it.  Nature is real.  Denying it does not make it go away.  To be sure some may derive comfort from pretending it does not exist. This comfort may be short-lived.  It is safer to deny the heat of fire than the truths of nature.”

Page 390   Mercenaries of Gor


I want everyone to read that slowly and closely when you have a chance, and do so right next to an Earth newspaper, or while watching a “News” program, or even while having Face Book open on your PC.   To put what he said in a simple way, it is possible for humans to be like sheep.  It is possible to condition and brainwash and dazzle and subvert and preclude people into believing things that are not true.  Things that are not real.

That is the divide that explains what happened in that group chat.  It has nothing at all to do with ideology or philosophy, or even preference.  It is really a tactic not a set of beliefs even.

The human story is a constant search for answers.  It is a search for what is true and what is false. It is a search for what is real and what is unreal.  And this one appeals to Goreans very much, a search for what is natural and what is unnatural.

The common denominator here is “search.”

But, the sheep are not interested in the search any longer.  They have found the answers, or been told the answers and now they are outraged at even hearing that a different opinion or belief could possibly exist.  They are offended at the existence of a contrary idea.  It would never occur to them to compose a well thought out and even courteous repudiation of the repugnant contrary opinion.  The very idea that such an opinion is held is an offense now.


Interestingly enough, the first thought was to yell “shame, shame, shame” and thus he posted that I had engaged in anti-LGBTQ speech on a public forum and should be shunned and avoided.

The topic of discussion last night was, “Has the Social Justice Culture War afflicting Earth come to Second Life Gor, and if so, should it?  And if so, what might we do about it?”

It was not quite the discussion I had anticipated because there were no Social Justice Warriors present to defend their position.  Yes, there were people who spoke of tolerance and acceptance.  Yes, there were people who argued for respect and courtesy and even diversity.

But, no one argued or spoke up for silence and the idea that Freedom of Speech is not the most basic of our Freedoms.  This is so deeply ingrained into our community here that “permission to speak” is one of the marks of slavery as clearly as brand or collar.   A slave asks permission to speak.  A Free does not ask permission to do so.

The chant rising up from the Earth is “Hate speech is not Free Speech”

Free Speech

But, trust me, my friends, Gor is on the other side of the sun for a reason.  It is the “Counter Earth” for a reason.

Here is how it works here.  We are polite.  We are courteous to an extreme.  We have the tolerance of people who are very big on “live and let live”, and mostly don’t care that much about what others are doing if it doesn’t directly impact us.  Any one is welcome, really, among us, who wishes to join us in our explorations and searches for truth, regardless of who they are or what preferences or beliefs they might hold.

But, we won’t stand for being silenced.  We won’t be told that there are thoughts, ideas, searches for truth that won’t be allowed because some member of some alphabet soup group will be offended by it.

And this is not a question of rp or lifestyle.  It is what Gor is and what its author intended it to be.  It is not really giving us answers.  Most times it is not even suggesting that it knows what those answers really are.  It is giving us the questions.  It is opening our minds to alternatives and allowing us to freely and openly explore them.


This whole incident was actually very pleasing to me, because it reinforced my sense that there really is a Second Life Gorean community out there.  It is very tribal in nature.

One of the slaves even pointed out the great wisdom of the old Gorean saying, “The first one to say “Fuck You” loses the argument.”      And this poor guy started the argument with that.

And we aren’t going to stand for that here.  That is Earth.  This is Counter Earth.  We need to be a whole lot better than that.  We better come armed with the swords of truth, and the spear of rationality.   I don’t think the insanity of Earth is going to come into our community because I don’t think we will tolerate it.  And remember, the insanity is not really found as much in the issues themselves, as in the refusal to examine them honestly and openly, and defend them the same way.

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