House of Runo – Tharlarion Racing

As many know the House of Runo has been very involved in Tharlarion Racing within Second Life Gor.  This month was an exciting month for the HOR.  Both Rhiannon and Tabi have been in the pros division for many months.  However, this month we had the chance to add 2 more riders from the HOR Racing Team to the pro division.

Thais qualified to move up into the pros this month after having raced in the amateur division for the past month.  However, there was a 3-way tie from the amateurs for the second person who was going to move up into pros – Master Gorm, tiggy and hips all three tied!  This meant we needed to have a tie-breaker and to do this there was a 3 race elimination run.   Watch the action here!

Each rider won a race – Hips won the first race, Master Gorm won the second race, tiggy won the third race.  However, when all the points were added up Hips ended up with the most points and it will be Hips moving on to the pro division.  Congratulations to hips and sending out encouraging thoughts to Master Gorm Runo and tiggy… maybe next month!

Oh and Happy New Year from the House of Runo!!


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