Fishing – HOR and G&S Style

The House of Runo is often a busy place and lately things have really picked up.  I’m a little behind in keeping up with everything in fact.  However, we have had a couple of fishing contests hosted by our very own woodsman, Master Hammer!

Fishing Contest4
Master Hammer hard at work catching those fish!

The fishing contests use G&S products and not only are fun, but also provide G&S products which come in handy in keeping meals interesting at the inn and keeping our G&S production going.  Not only does the fishing provide G&S products, but the prizes are G&S coins, which can then be spent at the inn for meals or at the tavern for fun and drink!

Fishing Contest2
A line-up of fishermen – even the slaves get a few casts in while dancing!

This wasn’t the first fishing contest and it is sure not to be the last. Everyone seems to have a great time enjoying the camaraderie and seeing who can catch the largest tuna!  To kick off the event we have Rhiannon “Rocking the Docks!”.  Dancing, chatting and fishing… who could ask for more?


As with all events at The House of Runo all are welcome to attend.  We love having people join in the fun.  Thank you to Master Hammer for arranging these exciting fishing contests and thank you Rhiannon for “Rocking The Dock”

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