The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on March 22, 2018

Tal and greetings

I want to start off with a quote from the book Savages of Gor. I came across it reading profiles yesterday while I waited for the tharl races to begin, and it really set off a thought process that led me to consider the word, “diversity” and what it might mean to Second Life Goreans.

Here is the quote:

There is no single humanity, no single shirt, no correct pair of shoes, no uniform, even a gray one, that will fit all men. There are a thousand humanities possible. He who denies this sees only his own horizons. He who disagrees is the denier of difference, and the murderer of the better futures.
Savages of Gor, pg. 31

Now, there are people who claim that there are three literary works that have the same thing in common. They are the bible, the complete works of William Shakespeare, and the Gorean novels. What they have in common is that if you work hard enough, and look deep enough, you will find a quote to support just about any political, social, or moral position.

This quote reminds me of that because on its surface it appears to be a shout out to the Liberal Left and to the insanity of social engineering that John Norman warned us about in the Gorean novels.

In fact, the person who put it in their profile, told me it was used as an “anti-BTB” argument as it spoke of the “diversity” of the Gorean world, and suggested that even if the books did not specifically mention something or tell us exactly how it looked or how it was done, obviously someone, somewhere was doing it, because, otherwise, “you are a denier of difference and a murderer of better futures.”

When I first suggested that I was going to use this quote as the basis of a class, my poor girl, Rhiannon, was a bit distraught. She was positive that I was going to use that quote to totally contradict everything that I had taught in the past about the order and structure of Gorean society.

She was afraid that I would use the idea of “diversity” to give a sort of green light to “being whatever you feel like being, or whatever you happen to identify as at the time.”

She was afraid that I would reverse my position and justify gender bending, multiple alts, and profile picks that claim” “this is my SL and I will do whatever I want.”

Relax, Rhiannon.

A blogger named Peter Senge wrote a post a couple of years ago, where he tried to separate the word ‘diversity” and what it really meant from the mis-use of the word that had become so common that it was approaching our “non-cognitive’ definition.

Diversity means “differences.” Here is what Peter said:

The actual meaning of the word diversity is difference. I am not making something up here, I am using the actual definition of the word…which I think is a pretty logical approach. Diversity does not mean race or race relations. If you want to talk about race or race relations, then use those words. If you want to talk about social justice, then use those words.”


And that is the key to understanding the diversity of our Second Life Gorean community and what was meant by that quote. The word and the concept have been stolen and its meaning altered to fit a social engineering agenda that does not have “difference” as its goal at all. Its real goal is to make us all “un-diverse. It wants us all to be the “same.”

In fact, a little later in Savages of Gor, we are introduced to a weird cultish group of people living out among the Red Savages. They were called ‘The Sames” If you read this section, you will most likely be laughing, but when you finish laughing, you are going to recognize the mantra of the Social Justice Warriors of modern Western Earth society.

The idea of social engineering is that we can decide what people ought to be like, and how people should believe, and we can level the playing field in ways that will make us all, well, the same.

When it was noticed that there were schools that did not have as much racial diversity as other schools, the solution was to bus in students from far away to create the acceptable diverse mix.

When it was noticed that certain jobs and professions lacked racial or gender diversity, Affirmative Action programs were created to lower the standards and requirements or give favoritism to certain groups to bring things into balance again.

The Gorean novels are full of diversity, but it is a natural occurring diversity that is celebrated for simply existing and is not artificially created. In fact, in Outlaw of Gor, we are told how once the female Gold Masks took control of the city, the vibrant, colorful, diversity of the average Gorean city was reduced to a drab, regimented sameness in Tharna. Even the taverns all sold the same type of paga and nothing else.


All of the descriptions of the Sardar Fairs were examples of the incredible diversity of the Gorean world. People of all races, cultures, colors, beliefs, and customs, mingling together in a great celebration of difference.

In an earlier class, I spoke of the four tribes of the Wagon people. All of them different and racially diverse, but all “Wagon People.”

Yes, diversity is a big part of Gor. The person who put this in their profile was right about that.

And it may just be possible that the expression “by the books” is the least Gorean and least, by the books, concept that can be imagined. In fact, if you really read and study the books, you will find that the thing Goreans would most likely agree on, is that you do not have to conform to any artificial construct that seeks to alter the basic truth of who and what you actually are.

The Gorean world was one of structure and order. Recognizing it’s diversity doesn’t alter that. In fact, structure and order has to be very strict in order to accommodate diversity. There is no one humanity and there is no one shirt that fits us all, and so in order to cooperate and coexist as human beings, we must be bound by codes and traditions, and laws and rules. But, they must be designed to create order and reduce friction, and not to force us into surrendering the things that make us special and unique.

It seems to me that most of the confusion on Earth comes from the fact that we have stopped celebrating true diversity, with its true meaning of “differences” and started trying to force sameness and conformity.



I think I understand why this was so. It is a lot harder to deal with true diversity than it is to deal with sameness. Diversity of ideas is seen as a dangerous thing because it might mean that, Priest Kings forbid,,,some of those ideas might differ from yours.

The blogger was right. If you want to discuss race relations, call it a race relation discussion, not diversity training. If you are interested in socially engineering a great insect like society, call it social engineering, not spreading diversity.

We want our word back. Diversity is already a part of the human experience. For better, or worse, we are a remarkably different species. We think males and females are different creatures with different wants and needs and patterns of behavior. We are rather proud of the ethnic diversity of our Wagon People, and we embrace the Men of Torvaldsland, the riders of the Tahari, the panthers and talunas in our woods and jungles, the silky slaves of the South, and the bond maids of the North. Gorean men are proud of their differences, and even dress in the colors of their Caste to proclaim them.

Yes, we have codes. We have rules and structure. They are designed to accommodate our diversity, not to hinder it. They are designed to give vastly different people a common bond and enable them to co-operate on some common basis. Our rules and our codes and our structure is the tool that enables us to be different and still interact successfully.

diverse and free

They are not our prison cells. They are not the deniers of our reality. And they will not be the murderers of our better futures.

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