Inaugural Caer Cadarn Dance Competition

On May 18, 2018 Caer Cadarn had it’s very first dance competition.  The event was organized by Mistress MarPai and we thank her very much for all her hard work in organizing what turned out to be an amazing event!  Almost all the citizens of Caer Cadarn were there and the girls who danced did an amazing job!

Mistress MarPai – organizing of the dance competition
the onlookers_002
Some of those in attendance

Master Gorm Runo was the emcee for the competition and judges were Master Gorm, Mistress Safira and Master Aegeus.  We had four dancers who competed.  All four did wonderfully, however only 3 could place.  Yet we think that all the girls were winners.  Find below each girl’s dance along with pictures.

1st place – Cherry Blossom


She steps into the stage, trembling as the musicans begin to play. Closing her eyes his face fills her mind, the sounds of her home rings in her ears. She looks around the scene changes to him and the beauty of their home. The day changes to night cocooning them in a lovers serenity.

Dropping to the floor touching herself trying to ease her ache as soft sweet moans escaped her lush lips. Teasing hands trail along sensual curves panting as passions flames lick her body into a frenzy. Her heart pounding against the cage of her ribs. Time had not erased the feel of his touch or their home’s beauty making the wildfire in her burn hotter..

On the wind she heard his voice calling out for her. Looking around hoping to see him. “my Master!!”
She cried out her need begging him to end this ache. She couldn’t bring herself to believe he was gone; that their home was no more. Soft blue eyes twinkling like the stars in the night search for him. Soft hands slip into her thick mane as silky lock cascades thru her fingers to fall about her as flames to the fire that was blazing inside her.


Bolder hands caress her body as lusty moans grow louder. The tip of her wet tongue slips out to follow the shape of full lips making them glisten. The burning intensity of her passion threatens to consume her as her body glistens with dots of moisture shining like diamonds against her brown sugar skin.

Shaking as the fire in her explodes into flames shooting skyward. Shaking her screams fill the room…..


All for you my Master. and O/our home,

La Kajira

2nd Place – Rhiannon


lithe arms lift, slowly enticing curvaceous body to twist and bend, the music wafting through the tavern rafters tempts sensual movements. The girl danced gracefully, closing eyes against those observing. Hearth flames cast fiery shadows to play upon creamy flesh as she moved. She cared little whether or not they found her pleasing. Forced to dance or be punished, Rhiannon obeyed.

The song poured into the collared beast and an onslaught of emotions stirred within. Arching back, the slave whipped upright to cast a defiant look of disdain upon the Masters gathered. She spun within the sands throwing crystal shards to scintillate about delicate ankles. An ihn of fear washed through the girl as she took notice of the expressions on the faces of the men.

the tempo increased goading erotic musings. Banked embers sparked to fuel lascivious instincts long buried within the girl. Slender arms sweep to entwine in and out of each other in sinuous fashion, lowering to splay thighs wide and rise back to full height with a snap, the beast whimpered softly against the urgings. Pale skin flushed pink in admittance to the primal need coursing through her veins.. Vulnerable and exposed she rolls her hips bending back before all. More eyes drift to the sands and she feels every one of them upon her.

Rhiannon - House of Runo 01

her heart pounded to the beat of the drums, struggling against the rising tide of turbulent longing kept locked inside, Rhiannon saw his face in the crowd and nearly buckled to round knees. Twin emerald flames blazed with impassioned hunger as torrid shape rocked forward, throwing arms to reach and curl back to grasp at wanton flesh.

Butterflies took flight within an undulating belly as a violent longing threatened to force her to surrender everything to the one that Owned her. Upon the sands the slaves body dipped and swayed like a willow in the wind. Stormy thrums of bare feet punctuated distressed thrusts and despairing attitudes. His azure depths appraised what he owned casually and his slave could deny her need no longer.

she raised slender arms about a head of tousled tresses, round hips rolled as the music played on in the tavern. Suddenly desperate to be found pleasing to her Master, Rhiannon dances with everything she has. Imploring stretches seek approval as taut muscles strain to accentuate every feminine attribute she possessed.


supine spine bent backwards to thrust pert breasts upwards, hands raking down the sides of the naked slave. Frantic need burns dangerously within eyes made for the furs. Every movement made calls to mind alcove pleasures as the slut dances for her Masters pleasure. Needing, wanting, begging… the beast shamelessly moves within the sands, beckoning to her Owner.

melting to her knees, wandering hands run the length of tormented body. Sinful curves twist and turn within the dance pit. With a sob Rhiannon tossed her head back, lifting succulent legs to splay wide before all. Glistening need apparent in the brazen display, the slut moaned and whimpered while writhing piteously in the sand, agonizingly beautiful in carnal need.

Fiery locks flew like a living flame, her head whipping back and forth to exclaim her obvious lust to be raped and used as a slut of Gor! Surrendering everything the beast rocked forward, heated treasure pressed into the unforgiving grains, her eyes beseeching as they lift to seek her Master. Rising back up to knees thrown wide, the kajira rolled her hips hungrily. She knew who she was and reveled in her slavery before all. As the song faded to end, she slowed to rock gently in nadu. She panted, “Please, Master, please use your slave. She surrenders.”

3rd Place – Xenia

Xenia dance 3

I would like to dedicate this dance first to the Master of us, so awesome in his leadership and the Free of Caer for being supportive and friendly,. from the start. And last but not least the kajirae who have taught me to be the best kajira I can be – by showing me how to live. Nods to Tabi

stands on long well-formed legs, entire face lit up with a look of love as baby blue pools fall upon the Free and slaves of her new home. Stringed instruments play softly a song of adoration…
slowly raising arms move to the adornment at thighs kissed softly together and slender fingers curl around the aqua knot, releasing it… resting in the dimming light, naked and unashamed in front of the Free to demonstrate love and devotion, she speaks softly to them, “Because of my love for you, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”

long line of legs fold and tapered fingers wrap delicately in brunette ribbons… thrusting begging breasts toward them beseechingly… scissoring legs shift to one light kissed thigh, and velvet tones speak to them, “Because you showed you unconditional love toward me, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”
moves to round pert ass, hand falling gently on flaming cheek, pondering the depths of their hearts, their love, their compassion, their understanding… breathlessly remembering the times of understanding and grace, in smooth tones wafting on the air they hear, “Because of the caring of Your hearts, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”

Xenia dance

basks in their thoughtfulness… the lulling of their voices, the softness of their touch… writhing in fervor over the spirit they share so freely with all, yet cherishing the times of solitude when some focus their attentions on her alone… a sigh escapes pouty, full lips, “Because of the largeness of Your spirit, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”

elbow bowed softly as fingers tease over mocha face… flames of ardor ignite as all goes dim and soft blue eyes focus only upon them… “Heart of my hearts, Love of my loves, Home of my destiny”… raising my melodious voice to your beckoning ears, “Because you are my true Home, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.”
hears the whisper escape her lips while she slowly looks around to all of them. Perhaps a moment of fear of being so insolent when she moves her arms over her head slender wrists crossed, her bronze crowned head turned to the left, back arched and legs spread.

“I hope to have pleased the Free..” her breathing shallow from the effort she gave her dance “This girl once more submits to the House of her heart” she pleads with that tone of surrender in her voice. Because you Own me, THIS IS WHY I DANCE.

“La Kajira”

4th Dancer – Ruby


Imagine if you would a newly collared slave girl, collared to the kennels who has been ordered to dance for the frees pleasure, body trembles as she is very frightened
Lays down in the sands looks out to the free that have gathered to watch her, hears the strong Master of Gors voide “Slut dance” eyes the small package on the floor puts what is inside on, This dance is also dedicated to Hoshi who was well known in the dance community of Gor, i was saddened to hear she lost her life to cancer so this is for you my dear friend who was in cartius

me dainty body lays on the golden granuals of sand, as dainty finger’s tap on her thighs, lifts dainty hands to feel what is upon her neck the sudden fear of a collar, emerald eyes look out to all gathered glides feet across the glistens sands, arches her back to show the new shiney collar upon her neck, twinkling in Lar Torvis the beats of heart makes nervous moves to those gathered

rosey silks flow with every move upon the days breeze blows blond tressled hair around her face, finger tips beat the sound of heart, outstretches alabaster arms sun-kissed legs gracefully move as she spins around with soft suttle movements, Rosey cheeks glisten as she moves with each beat of her heart, breasts move with each movement


long slender legs swing well formed bottom lifts sun-kissed legs swings to and thro, slides delicate hands over scented skin, feels the smoothness, watches perfection with each delicate touch, tamned lean arms caress body as the silks move with her, Tanned hands move to reach up to collar that was placed upon neck

hands stretch spins to kneel on the sillicon sands, proud back arches to reveal new collar, steady hands reach to Lar Torvus before nimble legs stand to revear what is on show, kicks leg upwards spins around as silks glide around her body

hips sway to the musicians hands run through blond glossy hair, feels the warmth of collar around neck with Lar Torvis beating down on shiney skin, wide shaped eyes look out to all, spots the one who placed the collar upon her neck, shows submission in all she does.


rocks to and thro in goldens grains arching her back with each movement, the collar shining once again lifts her neck to show all that she is now collared and owned, the joy of being in a collar fills heart, softly speaks “Master of me please mould me into how you wish me to be”

beat gets faster legs gracefully move in time with the beats of her fingertips lifts around her body matches the beating of heart, kissed together legs rock back and forth as she softly speaks “I am yours” silks ticking flesh with each move giggle escapes crimson lips”

as the Masters told her to dance continues to please all who are gathered, emerald eyes look out turns head to see the owner of her, Ruby lips go to a smail, body shimmers in Lar Torvis, dance comes to an end pulls on her silks watches them drop, “Master take me as i am” slows the dance right down before she arches her back places hands on the stands as she now knows her fate “I;m in chains owned and love”

LA Kajira

A huge thank you to all the dancers, to Mistress MarPai, to Master Gorm Runo and to all who attended and supported the dance competition.

Oh, and I might mention that the whole affair was broadcast by tabi on Caer Cadarn radio!

Tabi DJ_001
Tabi The DJ





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