Caer Cadarn Dance Competition

The week of June 10-17th we a very exciting time in Caer Cadarn history.  It has been decided a few weeks ago that it was time to place a Home Stone at Caer Cadarn.  The citizens were feeling committed and like this should be the next step.  The whole week was set aside as a celebration for this exciting event.

It was decided to start off the week with a dance competition.  Many of the girls from Caer Cadarn, both private slaves and slaves within the House of Runo slave house participated.  Tabi went to work hunting down judges, gathering applications and organizing all the little details of the competition.

The day of the competition arrived!  Goreans Portal Radio broadcasted the event to an audience of around 60 listeners.  Tabi was doing the broadcasting.  Master Gorm Runo was the emcee and dawn was the score keeper.  Our judges were picked from across Second Life Gor and were experienced in judging gorean dance.

The event started out with a few words from Master Gorm Runo, acting administrator of Caer Cadarn:

Tal and greetings to all of you: Citizens of Caer Cadarn, members of the House of Runo, honored guests, and slave girls of Gor.

This week is going to be a celebration of the Gorean ideal of balance. We are going to have fun, indulge our senses, and compete against each other. But, in the middle of the celebration, many of us will be dealing with serious issues. Decisions and commitments will be made. Oaths and promises and signs of brotherhood will be shown. People will be asked to look deep into their hearts and ask hard questions. And then another fun thing will show up on the agenda and we will party like only Goreans can do.


This is to be a celebration of balance that will end with the Village of Caer Cadarn taking its rightful place among the Free communities of Second Life Gor. It will be a celebration of everything that is good and positive about Second Life Gor and what it allows us to be and to do.

As Administrator of Caer Cadarn and the owner of the House of Runo, I officially declare the Home Stone week celebration open.

We had five girls from the House of Runo and Caer Cadarn dance and three girls from outside of the Caer dance.  The dancers were as follows:

  • Po – slave of Draco and Katatoki of Cartius Wagon Camp- performed a capture dance
  • lildevil – slave of Draco and Katatoki of Cartius Wagon Camp – performed a whip dance
  • collean – slave of Gorm Runo of Caer Cadarn – performed a dance to the music of Agape
  • kindra – slave of Foxgaard and Sorcha of Victoria – performed a dance named Bond in Silks
  • raven – slave of Jaris and Niki of Svago – performed a dance named Seasons
  • alana – slave of Gorm Runo of Caer Cadarn – perfomed a dance to David Arkenstone’s Desert Crossing
  • ruby – slave of Gorm Runo of Caer Cadarn – performed a dance to Musica Arebe Lenta
  • angel and dammit – slave of Jake and Ashelle respectively – performed a tandem dance.

Prizes were offered to the top three dancers and gifts were given to all the dancers.  The girls performed amazingly and I know it was very difficult for the judges to reach a decision.  The winners were as follows –

  1. Raven – winning $L5000, finger cymbals and a gift card for silks
  2. kindra – winning $L3000
  3. dammit/angel – winning $L1000

All in all a fun time was had by all, but the highlight of the day was the dance done by three of the Masters of Caer Cadarn and two of the slaves.  You can see and enjoy that dance below.

We are all very excited to have a Home Stone placed and to take our place among the cities of Second Life Gor!

More about the events of Home Stone week will soon follow!  Be looking here for more exciting coverage of this exciting time.

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