Horettes Dancing At The Gorean Compass Broadcast

Day – Tuesday 31st July 2018
Time – show at 1pm – 3pm slt
Where – Campus main classroom

Girls that performed – Tuka
– Dawn
– Tabi
– Ruby
– Rhiannon
– Foxy
– Tiggy
– Meira

1. This is me
[14:08] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) has lost all inhibitions in serving Master’s. Tuka thrills in her collar and freedom it provides her to be herself. Fully Sexual and liberated to be the female she desires to be. Master’s thrill her and to serve a strong Master makes tuka short of breath and weak in his hands. A writhing squirming juicing slut, free to give Master’s all of her.

[14:09] Dawn (DD Gummibaum) ‘s chocolate eyes shine brightly and wet lips lift into a full smile as her toned body begins to sway and turn…well-worked feet flex…slender arms weave in intricate patterns through the air about her head. The beat of the tambor drives each move of her barely covered form and hips roll to accentuate her feminine features, beckoning to the eyes of the men sitting around them. She dances for them, unashamed of who she is and chiseled chin lifts in pride of her collar and those with whom she shares the stage.

[14:09] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) rolls hips in sensual display, tiny fingers kissing over the surface of tanned slave flesh, the temptress beguiling with erotic movements issues a siren call to any who would listen, a beast of service to be used in the way the free saw fit ever at the ready to fulfill the dreams and desires of any and all.

[14:10] Ruby (delilah1976) lifts dainty hands to the three moons of Gor, gazing to Master of her lets her fingers roam over her flesh, as her breasts rise and fall, feels a slight quiver of her lip whispering “i am not ashamed to serve you Master, under your whim, This is who I am” places a hand to the collar she wears then to her heart as she feels all she has become
Taps the beat on slender leg.becomes the best slave she can be

[14:10] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) jumps up to accentuate the pounding beat with sharp movements. Emerald gems glittered dangerously beneath thick black lashes, a world of hurt, shame and guilt reflected in their depths. No longer would she be ashamed! No longer would she be hurt or feel guilt! At the feet of men she would thrive! Staccato thrusts and thumping sways goad the wanton slut to cry out to the moons above, “This is me!” Free to be the sexual creature she was made to be the kajira flashed all gathered a heartbreaking smile whispering, “This is me.”

[14:11] Foxy (Aspenbell03) Master’s and Mistress’s and Free and thank you for letting me be me. A slave looks in a mirror and sees a woman standing naked and sees the shamrock green eyes looking back. “Who are you says the girl in the mirror,” I am a slave and not a shame to serve the whims of the Free. I am humble. I am swift to an order which can be life or death to this slave. It is my honor to serve my Master’s and Free with love and content of who I am a low caste slave and to smile because I am happy to me by serving with a full heart.

[14:11] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) let a sigh escape parted lips as his Tiggy reflected on recent events. The girl had been through so much that would break many. Only to come out stronger. Defying medical professionals that told the slave girl she would probably not walk. Not ashamed of who she has become. Determined t beat it. Doing it all for her Owner. Everything she did was for Him. Surrendering totally to his happiness and pleasure. Even as many told her she couldn’t do it, or laughed at her afflictions. Chin lifted high as voice carried high into the skies “I am brave, i am bruised… i am who im meant to be.. THIS IS ME!!”

[14:12] Meira (quietandshy)’s hips grind out the beat of the Czehar, slender back muscles ripple in time to the wanton need buried deep inside. Eyes the colour of Desert Veminium gaze out through long lashes with a pleading look as the sultry slut beckons Masters closer. Sweet cherry lips curl into a smile as she licks them inviting them to feast upon on her lust. As she turns and spins, long slender digits travel down a voluptuous form, starting from pert mounds to a slaves heat. Travel the length of lush thighs thrusting them apart as a slaves belly burns with deep passion to be pleasing to him. The wanton slave girl of the HoR surrendering all in the name of service to the free, uncaring of anything and everything but to be pleasing, ‘This is me’

2. Never Enough
[14:12] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) wishes all free to correct tuka if she is not fully pleasing in any part of her service to the free. Tuka wishes to be the best slave she can be, always growing and improving. Learning serves from other parts of Gor. To be of value to her owner.

[14:13] Dawn (DD Gummibaum) looks to the girls beside her, her motions consumed with hesitant self-appraisal and comparison against those she dances with, her gaze filled with questions of whether she would ever measure up. She feels the beat of the music fill her, guiding the movements with growing confidence. Each motion of her body evidence of her effort, her desire to learn and grow, her arms weaving more boldly as she follows the motions of her sisters, and she grows more fluid, more graceful with them, her lips lifting in commitment to her desire to improve her skills, her acknowledgment that she would become enough for the audience…for her owner.

[14:13] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) looks to sisters in chains, shining examples of what being a gorean slave means, moves in perfect sync with each pearl on the chain, striving to be the very best slave she could be, constantly watching and learning, arms lift in celebration of the dichotomy of slavery – enslaved yet free to become the woman she truly is.

[14:13] Ruby (delilah1976) softly pads on the stoned floor in unison with her sisters in chains, lets her hair tickle her back, the thudding of her heart, “Masters i wish to improve in all things, a slaves training is never over i strive to do better. She wishes to be at the feet of the Masters more learning how deep her slavery is my training is never over”, curls ruby lips to a smile letting her emerald eyes sparkle to Master….Never enough to learn more never never

[14:14] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) wrenches soft body from side to side, the emotion of the song slamming into her and forcing her to confront her failure. Body twists, leg extending to kick out as if kicking the realization away. Clutches at the steel locked firmly about slender neck, digging nails into the tender flesh she despairs, the struggle was very real. Whipping head of crimson tresses back and forth Rhiannon pours herself into the song.
She may stumble and she may fall, but, she will never give up, cause it is never enough. Pushing herself up from the darkness of a personal hell, she captivates even in her weakness. It’s never enough

[14:14] Foxy (Aspenbell03): me Master’s and Mistress’s and Free, No one’s training is never completed. This slave strives for perfection in each serving to keep a breasted to find new ways to make master, mistress, and free happy and easer on them. To know in slaves heart that learning is the key to all happiness of this slave. Looking up and seeing that little tilt of a smile warms slave body from the very top of slaves head to the bottom of slaves feet. The heat turning a flush red lets Master now that slave is happy in serving and learning from him and his ways. This slave keeps learning and striving in each training.

[14:14] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) curled sweet lips, made for much more then kissing, into a lustrous smile, that made freckled nose crinkle slightly. Arms weave gently through the breeze like a willow branch swept by the Delta air as the gentle melody carries the slave girl pas-sangs away. Mind drifting in thought as body moved with languid motion. His chubby slut purred while remembering the training, the learning will never stop so long as she seeks it… it was never enough… His Tiggy would always strive to become the creme de la creme of slave perfection… all for Him. The Master that owned every hort of the British slut’s whithering flesh… forever and always.

[14:15] Meira (quietandshy) heart beats within a voluptuous chest at the same time lavender eyes beam. A mane the color of embers in a hot burning fire brush against well formed shoulders during the time they roll like the seas of Thassa. A rush of enthusiastic joy runs over the beast while long digits glide through flaming locks, cheeks glow with the bliss of learning more each day and her desire to continue to do so Well toned thigh briefly exposed beneath the lush blue silks, crave the touch of a Master Teasing, she rides on a wave of seduction, the music sparking a flame within her, the flame that drives her to meet every challenge, to always aim higher and know it will never be enough

3. Come Alive
[14:15] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) sways and twirls on dainty feet. Her heart now yerns to now please men. Tuka opens her arms as to embrace the world she now finds herself. A world pleasing masters. She is happy swaying and heart beating to the music.

[14:16] Dawn (DD Gummibaum) pulls her movements in tight against her body, closed off, timid as she weaves and sways upon the cool tiles of the floor. Her eyes flash as the beat of a drum explodes and her arms burst outwards, her knees bending in delicate angles as she breaks from her cocoon, revealing the butterfly draped in bright blue fabric and hands reach up to grasp the blue and gold steel adorning a slender neck. Lips part to a bright grin, corners full of hope as she proudly displays herself as a HoR, her body moving in complete joy and awe of the slave she has become.

[14:16] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) fingers the brand burned into otherwise smooth skin on her left thigh, symbols of her owner and his house, owned by a man who brings out the strengths and abilities of his property, sapphire eyes aglow with the knowledge that belonging to him placed high expectations upon her behavior, passionately writhing as the words of the song wash over lithe form, the girl alive in her slavery as never before.

[14:16] Ruby (delilah1976) feels the cold chains upon her flesh moving her body to the music, moves her hands down her breasts, as the breeze cools down hot flesh, “Gor has changed me alot from a girl who hide a lot and didnt want to do anything but hide, to a full immersed girl speaking out “I serve the house”, a smile forms on her lips, as a crystal tear of happiness falls down her rosey cheeks. I have come alive since coming to The House of Runo from the help of the Elite slaves to the Beginners which i am thankful for, To have a glimmer of hope to come alive, as the fire in my belly begins to lighten up more especially when she hears the words Good Girl Ruby

[14:17] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) the hot tempered red head leapt up to move in tandem with her sisters in bondage. Emotions rush through the beast as she dances with the flare of a long time kajira of Gor. Not until she met her Owner did she truly know what it meant to be a slave and it is apparent to any that looked into the stormy deep of her bright green eyes. Always striving higher to be the best she could be, her Masters call to blaze brightly and be the beacon radiated from within. Rocking and swaying with a smile, the slave girl came alive locked within his mastery and danced her joy with ease.

[14:17] Foxy (Aspenbell03): me Master’s and Mistress’s and Free. This slave has been in Gor since 1973 when I readied “Slave Girl from Gor” I was her. In my hearts to hearts always knew that I was a Gor Pleasure Slave. Knew I was a slave. All of my years on Earth I was always in service jobs. Now when I was capture in 2015 found myself on Gor made me come alive and free in my slavery. This slave is now home.

[14:17] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside) felt as though her whole world has flipped upside down. For years the girl had been existing on auto pilot. Knowing the steps, the procedures but never feeling them… never knowing what it meant to be a real kajira with heart and a heated belly. The copper headed vixen was now alive. Eyes open wide and fires burning bright. Like a shining beacon guiding Merchant ships home safe to the Caer, from their trading across vast Thassa. With wisdom and meaningful purpose. Determined to make sure her Owner’s dream, His vision, came to fruition to make Gor a better place to be. Where everything made sense and where his poohbear was meant to be. Earth and its nonsense was nothing but a joke, and his slut could never go back to how it used to be, Bright colored eyes were now wide open… she’d come alive!

[14:18] Meira (quietandshy) raises her arms, like a Tarn would rise to the moons, cool spring night air kisses the slaves flesh as she twirls, spraying fiery locks around slender shoulder. The once shy and timid slave og the HoR runs long digits glide through a flaming mane. She appears calm, but under the surface is a fire running rampant within her, the heat building with each step, destined to erupt in a fiery explosion of her current wanton form. A joyful heart all that remains of her former self as she strives to meet his every expectation and need. Lilac hued eyes shine brightly, as she come alive, illuminating his aspirations and the path to his vision.


[14:19] Safira Sapphyre (StephanieSapphyre) stands and claps loudly, tears flowing freely down her cheeks, as she claps for the girls of the Caer and the feelings and work they did in the dance! Amazing girls, truly amazing!
[14:19] Aegeus (AdmiralJeff): HoRettes are getting it on….Woot Woot the hottest and sexiest group of wenches on sl Gor
[14:19] – rħiᾱὴὴoὴ – (rhiannon0327) can’t help but smile as she hears her Master.
[14:19] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett): beams hearing her Masters pride in his girls
[14:20] Gareth of Ar (Gareth Hirano): smiles.. pleased with what I see and hear
[14:20] Piker Grey Cerberus (pikerman) msiles.
[14:20] – Ϯɪ͠ĝʟɛϮϮ – (Kel Blindside): squeals so happy that the free and her Owner were happy with their performance
[14:21] Foxy (Aspenbell03): Smiling at Master Administrator with his complements wishing that her Master was here.

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