Not a Bad Place To Create Gor Afterall

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

Tal and greetings
In many of the discussions in this seminar, I have taken a position that the platform of Second Life is a very difficult and even inappropriate one for the recreation of the Gorean world.
If you were going to explain how Gor got to be Gor in the fictional novels, you would start by explaining that technology was retarded not because these “aliens” had not been smart enough to figure it out, but because the Priest-Kings controlled it rationally.
The Priest Kings observed that humans, non-rational animals that they tended to be, would not use knowledge and science in the best of possible ways.
The history of Earth has proven them correct on this, and in an earlier class, we talked about how war and greed has pushed technology forward on Earth, and the health, and safety, of the planet and the living things on it has not always been the priority.
This is something that new people, and even new readers do not always understand at first.  The Gorean world is not technologically backward when compared to Earth except when you are talking about weapons, transportation, communication, and pretty much anything that needs electricity to operate.
“Laughs”   Ok, that statement points out why I suggested Second Life is an inappropriate platform.   We need electricity to make it exist.  It is really all about communication at instant speeds, and we teleport.   In second life, access to powerful weapons, instant communication, teleportation are all ahead of First Life, and it can all be turned off by pulling a plug!
So, Second Life is like the anti-Gor from a technological point of view.  And yet, it is here that we are building our Gorean community and it is growing and thriving.
I was wondering if there was something else going on that was going to cause me to take a deeper look.   If Second Life Gor was thriving on an inappropriate platform, what was it that was countering that negative view of things?
Well, one of the things that occurred to me was that the Goreans were actually way ahead of us in two major areas.   The books suggest that these advances were made possible because denied certain areas, the driving force of science was directed in more positive directions.
The Goreans had stabilization serums, that prolonged youth, and maintained health and life for much longer than on Earth.   Goreans were able to stay in their prime pretty much forever compared to the short couple of decades we get.
The Goreans had pretty much wiped out disease.  A couple of horrible ones were left, and like lepers of our past, the afflicted were isolated.  Nowhere in the novels did John Norman want us to suspect he was painting Utopia, nor did he want us to think Gor was showing us a place where all the hard work of humanity was finished and we could just cruise from now on.
But, the curing of disease!   Think of the devastation of cancer, and other diseases that strike us down before our time.  The Second Life Gorean community has always been a supporter of Relay for life, and other such things that address this.
I suppose when outsiders mock me for calling myself Gorean and belittle my lifestyle choices and preferences, I can take some pride in remembering that I love a planet that found a cure for cancer rather than a way to make a stealth fighter bomber.
So, I guess the message of the books on this technology thing could be put this way.  If we were totally rational beings, we would have done things way different than we did, but we aren’t, so we didn’t.   The only way we could have would be if giant grasshoppers with blue flame death devices enforced rationality on us.
But, once I understood this, I realized that I might be onto the secret of Second Life Gor.
I was looking at the negatives and not focusing on the positives.
The most important technological advancements of the fictional Gorean world were available to us here in Second Life.
Our avatars are reflecting heath, youth, and victory over limitations.
I owe a thanks to Dark of AR, a friend, who planted the seed of this epiphany moment for me.
He mentioned during a discussion how in Second Life Gor, people confined to a bed can run and dance and soar over mountains.
  When we log into Second Life, we can forget about the electricity, and other things, like radio broadcasts, that should be earning us the blue flame death, and focus more on the stabilization serums, the amazing health and durability of ourselves and our friends, and our opportunity to stop thinking about our limitations and start thinking of our potential.
I have often described the dynamic between first and second life as a wall.  I think it is more like a curtain, and we can easily slip through it.  And when we do we can, if we chose, slip the surly bonds of Earth and be something that is much more the real essence of who we are.
Real life is not a limitation to this.  It is just a matter of perspective.  If we are focused on what we miss, and what we can not do, and what our real life obligations and responsibilities demand of us, we are missing the whole point of the Gorean experience.
If we are focused on what we can do, how much we can participate, how much we can contribute, then we seem to be more tuned to our Compass azimuth.
No matter what your real life circumstances, here you can be an honorable and superior man.  You can be the total Master of your fate, and you can walk with a pride and a sense of vitality and dominance and control that is becoming harder and harder to maintain on the other side of the curtain.
And it does not matter if you can come here and feel this way for only a few hours a week, or if you can spend hours a day here.
and submissive females.   Trapped in a real world that is in denial of some basic truths, and burning to serve and feel the true heat of your gender, you can come here and feel it, too
And it does not matter if you can serve only one hour a week, or if you can spend every waking moment here.
diabilities in SL
So, I am thinking we actually have the perfect platform here.  It is like a gift and very few have been able to really see the great value of it.  It has given us an opportunity to create the world that we love and dreamed about.
That is why BTB should have always meant use the books as guide books and not rule books.
Using them as guide books was always the harder thing to do, and I suppose that is why so many went the other way.
Many people were content to focus on limits, and on what they could not do.  That fit much better with the practical reality of their life.
But, some people are giving everything and putting their hearts and souls into what they do here, and casting off those limits, and soaring.
That seems to me the very essence of Gor, and maybe the fact that it is possible here is what makes Second Life the perfect platform after all.
I think I have been a bit guilty of this negative perspective on Second Life even in these classes where I have often focused on how unlike Gor it is to talk in private mind messages and teleport instantly, and how fast things go, and how people come and go.
imagine possibilities
I am going to shift my focus a bit this beautiful spring and start focusing on the other side.  On how much like Gor this really is, and how hard and demanding, and intense, and satisfying, and natural, and glorious it is to me.

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