Update of the movement of Caer Cadern

Message from the Administrator

Tal and greetings to all citizens of Caer Cadarn, members of the House of Runo group, and friends of the Caer.

As administrator of Caer Cadarn, I am pleased to announce an ambitious plan to address some of our most serious issues, and ensure a platform for the continued security and growth of our group.

We have been calling this plan, “the three sim” plan, and it involves not only the joining of the Caer sim, and Hrothgar’s sim, but a third sim that would be as script and lag free as possible to facilitate our race track, and our arena, and our theater, and role play in the village untroubled by excessive lag.

Since the Cartius group was unwilling to provide that “third lag free sim,” and left us no option, but to move, a new three sim plan emerged involving purchasing a group of sims directly from SL, and thus having full control of them. The advantage of this was control over future expansion, and long term financial savings, and the biggest drawback was the initial set up cost to do it.

Our best guess is that to do what we intend will cost around $1000 US dollars extra, split among the owners of the three sims. Each of the three sims has an owner committed to the tier expense, and so this plan can unfold without any further financial commitment from anyone in the group, however, any donations or contributions or ideas for fund raising that would reduce that $1000 or so set up cost would be appreciated and very helpful.

The final arrangement will have at its center a sim called, Delta Coast, It will contain the Caer farms, and stables, and G&S high scripted items, to its North is the Village of Caer Cadarn, located on a low lag sim, featuring the Delta Downs race track, the Arena, the Marpai theater, and the village of Caer Cadarn. To the West of Delta Coast, is a settlement led by Jarl Hrothgar, of displaced Torvaldlanders, and between them will be a water connection, that can be expanded later into a full sailing area bay.

As owners of these sims, we will have complete control of our neighbors, and the ability to expand via homestead sims, to increase the long term potential of the area. This plan would lay a ground work for Caer Cadarn, and the vision of those that placed a Stone there and vowed to make it the new center of a new age of online Gor. It would be a jewel in the crown of Second Life Gor for years to come.

As administrator of Caer Cadarn, and owner of the House of Runo, I view this as the perfect plan to go forward toward our mutual goals, and ask for everyone’s support, co-operation, and help in executing it.

Gorm Runo

Please check back to this blog for regular updates regarding this move!

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