Caer Cadarn Library and Research Center

As you step onto the docks of the Village of Caer Cadarn along the Delta Coast, you will see a seaside village like many others. Streets lined with market stalls, administrative and caste offices, and warm places for fellowship and conversation mark the entryway to this triad of sims. As you venture further into the heart of the village one building stands out among the rest. The Caer Cadarn Library and Research Center, located in the scribes’ hall in the center of the village is an exemplar of Gorean history and knowledge.

One of the pillars upon which the Village of Caer Cadarn and the House of Runo were built is that of education. Understanding and internalizing the philosophy of the Gor books is something the citizens and slaves of the Delta Coast strive for daily. Our commitment to this goal is evidenced by the exquisitely decorated atmosphere and the impressive collection of materials gathered all under this one roof. The library of Caer Cadarn is sure to become known as one of the best SL Gor has to offer.

As you enter on the first floor, you will see the general stacks. Each shelf contains endless amounts of factual information on a vast array of topics. Each shelf is neatly organized and labeled to allow patrons easy and quick access to the information they seek. Interspersed among the stacks are comfortable study desks where people can sit to read quietly or to come together and debate topics of Gorean philosophy.

The true jewel of this library lies in the collection of materials assembled on the second floor in the reference section. Here you will find all of the lectures given by the Administrator of Caer Cadarn, Gorm Runo and transcripts documenting the history of the village are located on this floor. Additionally, copies of the scrolls written by Master Luther, the writings of our very own Jarl Hrothgar, and the classes taught by Mistress Safira Sapphyre at the Gorean Campus are also a part of this historical collection.

Finally, as you make your way to the top floor you will come to the Caer Cadarn Library lecture hall and classroom. Elegantly colored cushions cover the floor, maps and other artwork adorn the walls, and the large windows make this a room ripe for learning and debate.

When asked about his vision for the library in Caer Cadarn, Master Gareth, head Scribe, said he “wanted something that would be the best of the available information for those who wish to know something of the depth of the philosophy” available. Given the massive amount of information available, it is clear that Master Gareth’s vision was brought to fruition.

“While I supervised the operation in terms of what was needed, what you see is my girl’s organizational skills. I am proud of her efforts,” spoke Master Gareth when probed about the building of the library. His slave, symphony, worked hard to help bring Master Gareth’s vision to life.

The Village of Caer Cadarn invites you to come see this amazing resource for yourselves. We, too, are very proud of symphony’s efforts and the dedication of Master Gareth to the vision of providing open educational resources to all members of SL Gor.

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