Caer Cadarn 3rd Homestone Anniversay Celebration

All this week, starting on 6/10 and until 6/15 Caer Cadarn is celebrating the third anniversary of the creation of the Home Stone. It all started off with an opening ceremony and speech from our very own administrator, Master Gorm Runo. Here is what he has to say:

As I was walking down here today, thinking of what we were going to do, I reviewed the history of Caer Cadarn and thought someday legends and myths will be told of its origins.

I was kicked out of the city of Tentium where I was working as a slaver because I had offended the first girl of the city, and needed a home.

My slave lily, took a 1/4 sim parcel, and designed it based on my favorite books,,,the Warlord Chronicles, and we called it “Caer Cadarn” after the royal hill in that book series.

So, people, in the future, will speak of that as the beginning.

But, there is some truth to that. Because no one sat down, and said,,, Lets build a village, and have a Home Stone, and see what happens.

The village of Caer Cadarn, and the community that calls it Home, came together , with no real plan, or idea of what they were going to do ,,or be.: Around a Slave House,,,,around a resort tavern and Inn.,,,,,and around a vision for SL Gor, and SL Goreans

And then one day the Free people here decided that they had reached the point where they had two choices. They could admit they did not really love their village, or they did not really accept that vision, and go on as they had been.

Or they could find their Home Stone, and put it in a place of Honor, and pledge to it, and defend it.It was time to make the decision between pretending to be Goreans here in SL…..or being Goreans. And we chose to be Goreans…and we went out and found our stone…where it was waiting to be found.

That was two full years ago now.

As was pointed out to me,,,when we were deciding on our new village emblem,,,,
Caer Cadarn isn’t “just” a slave house, or a tavern, or even a village made of wood and stone.

It is a Gorean community, and it has a Home Stone!

Today, we begin a celebration, to kick off our third year. We will have events of skill, and spectacles that show off talent. We will bond even closer together with social events.

And most importantly…at the conclusion…we will bring the Home Stone to the courtyard of the Fortress, and Free Goreans…knowing full well what such an act means…will swear to it,and take it as their Home Stone…or rededicate themselves to it.

And then,,we will go on into our third year with our standards raised high…or expectations raised high and continue to be a beacon that says to Second Life.

“This is Gor, and we are proud of it”

As Administrator of Caer Cadarn, I officially declare the Third Home Stone Celebration open. Hail Caer Cadarn

To which was added by Fidelio Matador: I wish to state that my personal experience of Gorm’s way of creating a Home Stone for Caer Cadarn was exemplary. Unlike many who seem to think that a Gorean simply repudiates his Oath and moves away without so much as a word to his previous free brethren, Gorm went to Ubar Scar and obtained his permission and release from his previous Oath to Ko-ro-ba. Very well done, Administrator! Long Live Caer Cadarn!

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