Dedication and Re-dedication to Home Stone Ceremony -June 14, 2020

Just recently Caer Cadarn celebrated the three year anniversary of their Home Stone. As part of that celebration a Home Stone dedication and re-dedication was held. Because of the nature of Second Life, the Home Stone dedication and re-dedication was held in two parts. This is the first part.

June 14, 2020

Gorm Runo slowly walks to the the place,,halting at the command,,,the carefully places the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn,,,in its proper place

The Administrator’s Speech

Tal and greetings everyone
I am very excited to be here.

I wanted to speak to our Home Stone,,and tell it what we have accomplished this year. To brag of how we have spread the word of Caer Cadarn, how we added great new members to our community, how we overcame drama and serious attacks by evil people who hated what we were doing.

I wanted to brag about the new look of the village,,,the beautiful Delta Dreams sim
and all the other accomplishments of our second full year.

But, I knew better. If the Home Stone could speak, I have no doubt that it would have said. That was then,,,this is now. What comes next?

We took that attitude when we decided we were ready for a Home Stone. We were not going to be known as the “rest on our laurels” group,,,but the “what’s next?” group. And we have never lost it.

Caer Cadarn is unique in many ways in SL Gor, and this is one of them. We established the concept of “citizenship” here. We said it meant you were living or working in our village, and thus as a Gorean would naturally take responsibility for the village,,its growth,,success and defense

But,,,we recognized a higher level that went beyond citizenship to something so purely Gorean that there is really nothing on Earth to compare to it.

When a person has a Home Stone, he has a center. He has many duties and obligations. He has sworn brothers that have his back. He has friends and partners that he trusts completely.

It has,,,and I mean this…the greatest source of pride in my life to know that laying there behind me is my Home Stone. When I get down, or discouraged, or angry and frustrated,,,,ready to give up,,,I think of that Stone, and I am ready to roll again.

If you do not ever have the chance to know a Home Stone that way,,,I pity you,,,but we Goreans understand it. And here at Caer Cadarn, we do not take it lightly.

Administrator Gorm Runo re-dedicates to the Home Stone.

Gorm Runo turns,,bends,,and touches the Stone, “This is the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn. It is my Home Stone, and I rededicate myself to it and what it means. I will defend it with my last breath, and all who share it , are my Brothers and Sisters

“If anyone here today,,,after careful thought and consideration, and knowing full well the implications wishes to swear to the Stone today,,or rededicate,,,please raise your hand. As is our custom,,,their is no “oath” that fits all,,say the words that you find appropriate”

Belshazzar Cobalt Swears to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Belshazzar,,,come up and approach the Stone

Belshazzar Cobalt: I made my way to the stone showing the proper reverence and bend to a knee before it speaking in a voice that was confident and sure of himself for this wasn’t a matter to be taken lightly. “I Belshazzar Cobalt being of sound mind and body do here by from this day hence forth pledge my allegiance to Caer Cadarn. To continue to help the community grow and thrive. My scales will always weigh fairly to each and every and will up hold merchant law. Further more I promise to protect and defend the village of Caer Cadarn from all invaders be they foriegn or domestic and will to the best of my abilities uphold the rules and bylaws of the afore mentioned Caer Cadarn. This I swear from now until such time as I am called to the city of dust.”

Rris Greenfield re-dedicates to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Rris,,,come up

Rris Greenfield kneels, and picks up the stone, turning and holding it aloft for all to see……”I have sworn to this stone before, and to it I rededicate myself. to that which is Caer, for it is more than just a stone, it is the people, from the mightyest amongst you, to the lowest of the girls, from the people here that are my friends and family, as represented by this homestone that I hold….And I hereby swear swear that my home and my fmaily come before all else. It is all of us together that make this my home.
Rris Greenfield places the stone back down.

Lady Safira re-dedicates to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Lady Safira,,,come up

Safira Solemnly walks up to where the Home Stone is. She reaches out placing her hand on the stone, pauses a moment and then takes a deep breath.
“I Safira of the Builders of Caer Cadarn, re-dedicate myself to this Home Stone, it’s people and lands. I will do all that I can to bring honor to the lands of Caer Cadarn in all that I do. I would give up my life if it would save the integrity of the Home Stone and Caer Cadarn.
Safira takes her hand off the Home Stone wipes a tear from her cheek, and moves away so that another may step up.

Lady Tessa swears to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Lady Tessa,,you are next come up

Tessa of the Caste of Physicians , softly touches the Home, “I pledge my allegiance to this Home Stone, and to the people of Caer who are family to me now. I will defend this Home Stone with my life and also my brothers and sisters of Caer
Tessa turns and moves away

Jarl Fletcher Zeller swears to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: No Gorean village is really whole without a good blacksmith. Caer struggled to find the right one,,,remember Monster! But, we have one now,,who has quietly turned that area into a strength at Caer
Gorm Runo: Fletcher,,come up

ℑαгℓ ƑℓεŁcϦεг ℤεℓℓεг “I spent many a years wanderin’ Gor lookin’ fer a place that would be a true home, one that was as firm as it be family, one that would truly be a home an nae jus’ a place ta lay me big head. When I came here I was lookin’ fer work, what I found took me breath away. I found a home, I found friends, I found family. Tis a great honor this day that I pledge me life and skills ta this place, me home and me family.”
ℑαгℓ ƑℓεŁcϦεг ℤεℓℓεг Nods my head for a moment facing the Home Stone before turning to the others. “It be good ta be home.”

Cole Cervantes Swears to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: And another Man who has given of his talents to the village,,and now is serving with our growing Red Caste,,,Cole,,up forward

Cole Cervantes approaches the Home Stone and leans down placing my hand to our Home Stone and with a strong clear voice vows to dedicate myself to our Home Stone and what it means. I will defend it with my last breath, and all who share it , are my Brothers and Sisters, i will continue to move forward with honor and integrity this i swear

Jarl Mike Minos Swears to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: The next man won my admiration when I first met him because I saw him seriously looking around SL Gor,,,with a very discerning eye, to find the right place for himself and his House. and I was happy when he chose Caer,,,and more so,,when he became almost an instant asset,,Mike,,come forward

Jarl Mike Minos smiles at Gorm’s words, then looks to Dina and Kyra, “Girls, come kneel in obeisance by me, either side from me.”
Jarl Mike Minos Stands in front of the stone, picking it up gently, and speaking the following words softly to it: “Et in gor sanguinem, Caer Cadarn. Duo corda, unum. Ad meliora.”
Jarl Mike Minos To translate, I also say, “In my blood is the soil of Caer Cadarn. Two hearts beat as one. Towards better things.”
“Kiss the stone girls,” I say as I hold the stone out to Dina and Kyra.
Kyra gives a soft kiss to the stone
Dina blushes softly, but leans up and ever so gently and reverently presses my lips to the stone
Jarl Mike Minos “Good girls.” I say as I smile at them both. I then place the stone back on it’s pedestal, adjusting it so that it’s centered again.
Jarl Mike Minos “Hail Caer.”

Commander Aegeus Re-dedicates to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Our faithful Commander was next,,,Aegeus,,come forward

Aegeus Bends to one knee reaches over and pick up the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn. Hold the stone out and above my head and says: “Pledge loyalty with due consideration, for you must honor your commitments.” I lost the reference to this quote; however, it does not matter if its a warrior code and some other code from a far-off world or land, for it holds true for anyone.
“When I first came to SL Gor I was not new to Gor but new to SL Gor and looking for something special. I spent two months at the Gorean Campus as my base of operations. I went to shows, classes and took a course. Also, I visited a number of Gorean sims but I found myself coming back to Caer a few times. What I saw at Caer was Goreans and the land they occupied having great potential and a place where I could become part of that potential and a member of a strong community. About two months after I came to stay at Caer, the subject of finding a Home Stone came up. I was asked how I felt about having a Home Stone. I was in favor of having a Home Stone and we went out and found our Home Stone. This reconfirmed to me that I had made the right choice.”
“We have grown since then into a three-sim community. We have had our troubles but through all that we have grown stronger we have grown closer as a community as a family. The outlook for what Caer will or will not be is up to each and every one of us. I am confident that with the increase of new Free and slaves that Caer will continue to grow, but even more than that Caer will allow you to grow.”
“I Aegeus of Caer re-dedicate my loyalty and commitment to my Home Stone of Caer Cadarn.”
Aegeus kneels back down and places my home stone back in place.

Administrator Gorm Runo makes a few comments.

Gorm Runo” Thank you, Aegeus. All of us are aware that the world of Earth is in turmoil right now, and we all fear for it,,,,but, we have built a refuge from that here in Second Life Gor. no one who has seen us at work at Gor Fest,,,RFL or this week’s celebration can doubt that.”
“In our hands,,is the fate of our village. We have partied,,and competed, and danced,,and celebrated,,but this is the heart of it all. The words spoken today…If we are all true to them,,,Caer Cadarn will thrive.”

Romulus Manx Re-dedicates to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Romulus you are next,,come on up

Romulus Manx steps up, his girl trailing on her leash to kneel and touch the home stone, placing his hand firmly to it
Romulus Manx “Having seen it grow from the humble little tavern and inn and slavehouse to what it is today. The mission of Caer Cadarn has always been the same: make SL Gor a better place for ALL, not just Caer but every city, town, cause and entity we come alongside. When this community mobilizes, we improve everything we touch.”
“The last swearing ceremony was the one I laid my hands on the stone and pledged my fealty to this community after being around it for many many years! And since then I have have not regretted it even once. In fact it is a pleasure to re-pledge myself and my service to this community. This is my home stone, and I will defend it and the community it represents with all of my being.”

Administrator Gorm Runo’s Final Words

“We believe that you can not be a positive influence on others,,if you don’t have your own shit tightly grouped,,,to use a phrase. We want to spread the word,,to all SL Gor…of what can be done when people have a true Home Stone, and honor it
“We have moved tavern night back an hour,,so take a break,,,and let the words and emotions of this hour sink in. I know I need it. I am very touched right now,,,and feel in the presence of family
“Please go quietly and respectfully,,we will guard the Stone and return it to a safe place…we will do this again tomorrow, for our brothers who could not be with us today

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