Dedication and Re-dedication to Home Stone Ceremony -June 15, 2020

Just recently Caer Cadarn celebrated the three year anniversary of their Home Stone. As part of that celebration a Home Stone dedication and re-dedication was held. Because of the nature of Second Life, the Home Stone dedication and re-dedication was held in two parts. This is the second part.

June 15, 2020

Administrator Gorm Runo’s Opening Speech

Yesterday, we spoke of the idea of “citizenship.” It is an idea that the people of Earth understand as well. It has benefits and responsibilities, and as Goreans we are aware of them, and seldom need to be reminded.

When we first placed this Home Stone in our growing commercial village, we understood that people would come here to work and live and they would be expected to assume the title of “citizen” once they were no longer considered a guest.

We established a procedure for approval of citizens, and it has served us well.

But, Goreans go a step beyond citizenship. Goreans can have a Home Stone, and that is something every person on Earth does not understand. They do not understand it, because nothing on Earth is really quite the same But, it is the core of our Gorean experience,,,,,so, much so,,that we should always remember that Gor means Home Stone and therefore, Goreans are the people of the Home Stone

Even our cultures that do not use an actual Stone, still share that common Home Stone,,,and they give the same kind of loyalty to tribe or wagon. But, it is not easy to understand it when you have never known anything like it before.

We come close,,,a team,,,friends,,,a country,,,,a neighborhood but,,Home Stone is all of that rolled together and then even more.

So,,,when we gather here,,,as we do twice a year,,,,to swear to it,,,or rededicate to it, it is a time of great reflection, and serious thought.

Yesterday, the Commander quoted the wisdom that tells us to be careful of oaths and committments. As we have to honor them.

Yesterday, the following citizens swore to the Stone, or rededicated themselves to it. These people have claimed this Stone as their Home Stone
It was myself, Rris, Bels, Lady Safira,,,Lady Tessa, Cole, Mike, Romulus, and Aegeus and Fletcher

When I began,,I touched it,,and said,,”This is the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn,,and it is my Home Stone,,,and then each of those citizens,,,one at a time, and in their own words and ways,,,swore or rededicated.

So,,today,,if there are any here who wish to do so,,,,raise your hands,,and when I call on you,,,approach, and make your “commitment” in your own way.

Jarl Round Swears to Home Stone
Gorm Runo: Round,,,Warrior of Caer Cadarn,,,come forward
[10:15] Gorm Runo: steps aside,,so Round can approach the Stone

RoundMidnight Lane “i take one step forward…facing the home stone….with a solemn expression painted on my face i say loud…This is the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn……this is now my home stone..and i will defend it and the village and citizen with my life….by Odin i swear

Lady Miranda Swears to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Lady Miranda of the Green Caste,,,you were next,,approach the Stone

Miranda O connor approaches the stone hearing Mother
Miranda O connor places a hand on the stone “I have been here over a year and i feel i am apart of the family here, i have many ups and downs in my life but i am happy to be apart of the family here So i wish to re pledge Caer Cadarn as my home and the Home Stone here…. Hail Caer Cdarn. I will look after the free and slaves to the best of my ability” then takes a step back

Gareth of The Caer Re-dedicates to Home Stone

Gorm Runo: Gareth,,Head of Caste of the Blue Caste, and member of the HC of the village,,you are next,,,you may approach the Stone

Gareth of The Caer walks to the stone
Gareth of The Caer places a and on the stone
Gareth of The Caer “I rededicate my self and property to the fortunes of my home and family as represented by the stone…a part of our lives and to defend friends and family moving forward as to the past…..may we grow in size and in Honor
Gareth of The Caer steps back with a resumed pride

Commander Aegeus Says a Few Words

Gorm Runo: Aegeus,,,Commander of the Red Caste of the Village,, you are next, Brother,,,

Thank you Gorm

I Pledged to the Cear Home Stone three years ago, and I re-dedicate myself each anniversary. I did that yesterday but I would like to share what I said to those of you that are here today.

Yesterday I kneeled on one knee and pick up my Home Stone and held it over my hand before me and said the following words:

“Pledge loyalty with due consideration, for you must honor your commitments.” I lost the reference to this quote; however, it does not matter if its a warrior code and some other code from a far-off world or land, for it holds true for anyone.

When I first came to SL Gor I was not new to Gor but new to SL Gor and looking for something special. I spent two months at the Gorean Campus as my base of operations. I went to shows, classes and took a course. Also, I visited a number of Gorean sims but I found myself coming back to Caer a few times. What I saw at Caer was Goreans and the land they occupied having great potential and a place where I could become part of that potential and a member of a strong community. About two months after I came to stay at Caer, the subject of finding a Home Stone came up. I was asked how I felt about having a Home Stone. I was in favor of having a Home Stone and we went out and found our Home Stone. This reconfirmed to me that I had made the right choice.

We have grown since then into a three-sim community. We have had our troubles but through all that we have grown stronger we have grown closer as a community as a family. The outlook for what Caer will or will not be is up to each and every one of us. I am confident that with the increase of new Free and slaves that Caer will continue to grow, but even more than that Caer will allow you to grow.

I than re-dedicate my loyalty and commitment to my Home Stone of Caer Cadarn

Lady Vala Re-Dedicates to Home Stone in the way of the Wagon People

Gorm Runo: and next, we have the Lady Vala. Head of Caste for the Green Caste, and member of our HC

ValaDian TaVar picks up the box and walks to the stone opening the box and takes out the earth from the heart of Gor itself and offers it to Gorm.
Gorm Runo holds out his hands ,,taking the earth in them

ValaDian TaVar “To all here present, this earth is from the heart of Gor, passed to me by my grandfathers fathers… I cannot dedicate to the homestone, but I share the heart of Gor’s soil with you. As a Tuchuk… we are at peace
But as of the High Council, and HoC to the Physicians I dedicate my wisdom and knowlege.
The greatest thing I do is inform you that my Daughter Miranda will be my Third at the Physicians Tower

Miranda O glances up shocked with the news and appreciates the news” Thank you Mother”
ValaDian TaVar “I dont know the words of the Men the wagon people use but I share it.
ValaDian TaVar smiles, picks up the box and turns around adn walks back to my place.

Administrator Gorm Runo’s Closing Words

We are the Counter Earth. Where the people of Earth find it almost impossible to find common ground and work together toward common goals,,,despite differences in culture and custom, Goreans can always find a way to do it.

We would never doubt the loyalty of Lady Vala,,,,or fail to appreciate what she has done for our village

And that concludes our ceremony. We will do this again, in six months,,when winter is about to close in on us here at Caer Cadarn.

Gorm Runo: I am very proud of our Village,,,This has been an exceptional two weeks. We are stronger, and more united than ever,,,I pity anyone who tries to mess with us now.
Gorm Runo: I will ask you all to depart,,,reflecting on the words you heard today. We have an auction,,and a movie,,coming up to wrap up our anniversary

After all have departed,,,the Commander and I will return the Home Stone to its place on top of the highest tower of the fortress
Gorm Runo: I wish you all well, and thank you for all you do for Caer
Gorm Runo: Hail Caer Cadarn

Council Members Pose with Home Stone:


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