Caer Cadarn Fall Festival – Opening Ceremonies, Fishing and Horettes

Caer Cadarn knows how to celebrate! We celebrate living, we celebrate the seasons, we just celebrate life! Today starts the beginning of the Caer Cadarn Fall Festival. Many activities and much fun planned. Here are the words of our administrator, Master Gorm Runo.

Gorm Runo: Tal and greetings everyone. The people of the Free Port of Caer Cadarn have always noted the changing of the seasons with a celebration. We recognize the natural order that is expressed as we move from one season to another. Each season, with its own unique weather, holidays, and activities, comes to a close, but then reappears in its appointed time in the endless cycle of nature. We celebrate the arrival of fall and the eternal cycle of the seasons with song, and dance, and exhibitions of skill. As administrator of the Free Port, I declare the Fall Festival open. Let the fun begin!

The first activity and ongoing throughout the festival was a G&S fishing tournament. Of course the slaves of Caer Cadarn danced for the fishermen and Rhiannon played music to accompany their fishing:

Of course no celebration at Caer Cadarn would be complete without a performance by the Horettes. Dancing to celebrate and bring in Autumn they danced to the music of one of our favorite groups, Blackmore’s Night. Check it out below:

Fall Festival 2020 – The Horettes Performance

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