Winter Holidays at The Freeport of Caer Cadarn

The Citizens of The Freeport of Caer Cadarn know how to celebrate and love to celebrate! The winter holidays brings out not only the snow, but the joy of the season and of life.

This year at The Caer we had many celebrations and activities. Snow fell in the Vosk Delta and we took full advantage of it. There was ice skating, sledding, snowball fights and of course music and dancing. The citizens had a magnificent feast as will be seen and a couple of wonderful formal balls.

It was all amazing fun and it all culminated in an amazing Winter Spectacular put on by the Horettes – a dance troupe made up of slaves from the citizens of Caer Cadarn and associated cities and also of slaves from the Caer Cadarn Slave House. Enjoy a few pictures of some of the happenings and we hope you enjoy the show!

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