The Gorean Compass – Echoes from the Past – Gorean Relationships 101

Gorean Philosophy Class Lecture (7.9.15)

Tal and Greetings Goreans,

Welcome back to the Seminar on the Gorean Novels.  Today we are going to be talking about Gorean Relationships 101, or as they are called, the Jason Marshall Books.  The books are as follows:

Book 14  Fighting Slave of Gor
Book 15  Rogue of Gor
Book  16  Guardsman of Gor

I call them Gorean Relationships 101 because it seems to me that these three books were written as a sort of summary of what had been presented in the first 13 novels.  In the first 13 books, we are given the progression and transformation of Tarl Cabot from a man of Earth to a sort of Hybrid Gorean mixing the best of the Gorean world with the best qualities that he retains from his earth heritage.  Mixed in with this are two books detailing the transformation of a female of Earth into a Gorean slave girl.  Now, with these two stories told, John Norman went back to the beginning again and retold this story in three short books combining the male transformation and the female one into a single love story.

The books begin with Jason Marshall, a 25 year old college student, on a dinner date in New York City with a 22 year old female grad. student name Beverly Henderson.  It appears that Beverly Henderson had recently had contact with a Gorean slaver on a recruiting mission, and is a bit upset about some strange and not very politically correct dreams and fantasies.  The conversation during that dinner sets the stage for this journey by showing the confusion of the couple as they try to reconcile their natural feelings and fantasies with the harsh dictates of an aggressive feminism.  Interestingly, the couple even discuss the possible existence of Gor.  Jason insists it is fiction although Beverly isn’t quite so sure after her meeting with the man who turns out to be a Gorean Slaver.  At the end of the dinner, the abduction of Beverly takes place, and Jason gets accidentally caught up in it, and in the end, he too, is taken to Gor, and made the slave of a Free Woman.  Jason eventually wins his freedom, and sets out to find and rescue Beverly.  After many adventures, he becomes both Gorean and then Beverly’s Master, and as to be expected at the end of a good sexual fanstasy, they live happily ever after on Gor.

In the part of Fighting Slave that takes place on Earth prior to the abduction, much of the philosophical conflict of Gor vs Earth thinking is expressed in the conversations between Jason and Beverly, and between the couple and the abducting slaver from Gor.  Here are some examples:

On Manhood:

“A Man must be strong enough to be weak,” I said, “He must be brave enough to be sweet.  True men must be gentle and tender, and considerate and solicitous, and do what women wish.  That is how they prove they are true men.”
“True men give orders to women and women obey, “ said the heavy man.
“It is not what I have been taught, “ I said.
“You have been taught lies, “ said the heavy man. “Surely, your own misery and unhappiness should tell you that.”    (Page 47 Fighting Slave of Gor)

On the relationship between men and women on Earth:

“The women, now, were of a whole new breed, somehow magically different from all women of the past, free and independent.  It was they who would set their terms, and it was the men who would, if they wished to know them, comply with their wishes.  But was this not all right?  Surely women have the right to demand that men comply precisely with their wishes.  If the men do not do so, the women simply need have nothing to do with them.  In my society it was the women who called the tune, and the men who would have to dance. If the women, for some reason, wished us to be just like women then we would have to do our best to be just like women.  They could decide matters, by the device of granting or withholding their favors.”  (Page 31 Fighting Slave of Gor)

On sexuality:

“Sex, “ she said, is only a tiny and unimportant part of life.  It must be seen in its proper perspective.”
“Sexuality, “ I said, “ is radically central to the human phenomenon.
“No, no, “ she said, “Sex is unimportant, irrelevant, and immaterial.  Better put, it must be placed in its proper perspective.  This is something which is understood by all politically enlightened persons, both men and women.  Indeed, sexuality is a threat and a handicap to the achievement of a true civilization. It must be ruthlessly curbed and controlled.”  (Page 23 Fighting Slave of Gor)

Almost every page has such little tidbits, as the message of the Gor novels is rehashed and condensed.  Although these three novels constitute both a love story and the exact kind of sexual fantasy that was mentioned in John Norman’s “Imaginative Sex”, the true message here is that Earth society has gotten increasingly out of touch with biological reality.  By throwing both Jason and Beverly into the barbaric Counter Earth extreme of Gor, they were eventually able to get in touch with the biological truths of their male and female natures, and relate to each other naturally and free of guilt and confusion.  The plot of the three books tells of Jason’s search for Beverly amid much drama created by pirates on the Vosk River, and there is a long and drawn out naval battle that spans the second and third books.  However, I, personally found the plot dull and the battle scenes not very well constructed, but I also never was fooled into thinking that made much difference in assessing the value of these books.  The story is secondary to the transformation of the couple into Master and slave. It is a story that is all extremes, this is beyond dispute.

The confusion of Jason as an Earth boy trying to deal with an even more confused female is balanced by the extreme of Jason the Gorean Master with Beverly kneeling at his feet.  This use of opposite extremes to illustrate the more balanced middle ground is the device used in the entire Gor series, as we have discussed in previous seminars, and once again this is the method used in the Jason Marshall books.  I suggest them to new readers as a short introduction to the Gorean transformation process  Within them is just about every major concept that will be found in the series as a whole, and many people are happy with stories that have happy and wrapped up endings.  The same themes are going to be here though.  Men have given up their natural birthright and are bowing to the demands of women, which is counter to what the women truly want.  Once a Man begins to act like a Man, women respond naturally and usually submissively.  Sexuality is an essential part of the human experience.  These are not new ideas. They were given to us in those first 13 books, and in these three books they are merely repeated and reinforced

Next week, we will speak in detail on one of those themes, and explore, perhaps, the most basic and startling premise of the Master/slave dynamic and one that impacts our Second Life World very frequently.

Puts down his notes, and smiles.

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