About The House of Runo

The House of Runo is a gorean slave house within Second Life owned and operated by Master Gorm Runo.  It is a training place for slaves, both old and new and follows a philosophy just a little different than the average slave house.

The Philosophy

The House of Runo does not use the terms “in-character” and “out-of-character”.  Instead we believe in a Second Life Gorean philosophy.  What this means is that your Second Life character is who they are at all times.  If you are a slave, then you are always a slave.  If you are a Master, then you are always a Master.  And so on.

Master Gorm Runo realizes that we are not on the planet Gor.  He recognizes that we are on Earth yet we come to Second Life to experience and role play a Gorean world.  While many participants will consider themselves “lifestyle” there is the recognition that they are unable to truly live as if on the Gor of the books by John Norman.  However, they can still live many of the Gorean ideals such as integrity, loyalty, honor, etc.

As such. they come to Second Life, bringing with them earth training, experiences and way of thinking.  They come to experience life as it would be on Gor all the while recognizing that even within Second Life Gor there will be some exceptions made which may not be strictly “By The Book”.  Thus they are of earth coming to Second Life to experience a Gorean Life as close to what it would be on Gor as possible.

The Training

The House of Runo trains slaves according to the Gorean philosophy using many methods.  Classes, lectures and through serving within The Black Tarn Tavern which is located on the home estate of The House of Runo known as Caer Cadarn.

Besides these traditional methods of training, The House of Runo also maintains a small G&S farm, mostly focusing on distilling fine wines and spirits.  The slaves of the house are expected to help out and work on the farm as needed and commanded.

The House of Runo is also involved in trade with other cities that use the G&S system.  We hope to encourage cities to use the system as a means to role play.  We are hoping to show that each city doesn’t have to own the whole G&S system, but rather can focus on different aspects and thereby encourage trade and role play among cities.

With this in mind, The House of Runo reaches out to other cities gaining footholds within those cities that allow the slaves of the house to go out to those cities and serve.  In this way they can practice the skills they are learning and keep busy doing what a slave should be doing, serving the Free.


The House of Runo is always interested in accepting new, quality slaves and any Free who might be interested in joining.  There are plenty of areas in which to help out, serve and role play.  If interested come to The Black Tarn on Caer Cadarn or contact Gorm Runo within second life.