What Being a Kajira Means to Me – essay by Fliss (slave of Master Eldin)

Within the House of Runo we have lessons that the slaves must complete as they advance up through the levels of Hor in Training to becoming and Elite Hor.  Sometimes a girl completes a lesson so exceptionally that it must be preserved.  What follow is an essay written by Fliss Fairport as slave owned by…… Continue reading What Being a Kajira Means to Me – essay by Fliss (slave of Master Eldin)


How did Collean find Gor?

I first arrived in Second life in 2008. I went to the usual watering holes. I stood around with everyone else looking for something. It all seemed rather boring to me. One day, a good friend said “Come to Gor with me” I had no clue what Gor was, but on his recommendation I donned…… Continue reading How did Collean find Gor?

How did rhiannon find Gor?

Gosh, it seems like ages ago and yet, like yesterday.  The year was 2000.  i was a 23 yr old mother of 4, living in a very negative relationship. Background – i am the after school t.v. special.  Cheerleader in high school, high gpa, involved in lots of extracurricular activities … parties with the bad…… Continue reading How did rhiannon find Gor?

Caer Cadarn Dance Competition

The week of June 10-17th we a very exciting time in Caer Cadarn history.  It has been decided a few weeks ago that it was time to place a Home Stone at Caer Cadarn.  The citizens were feeling committed and like this should be the next step.  The whole week was set aside as a…… Continue reading Caer Cadarn Dance Competition