Gorean Compass – Balance (acceptance of the dark side)

Another in the continuing classes from Master Gorm Runo.  Further discussion on symbolism within the books and the topic of balance.  An acceptance of our dark side along with our good side.  Master Gorm offers these classes every Thursday at The Gorean Campus at 12pm(noon) and 6pm SLT.  All are welcome to attend and join…… Continue reading Gorean Compass – Balance (acceptance of the dark side)

Second Life Goreans and Technology

Anyone who has read even one of the Gorean novels by John Norman will know that the Goreans didn’t have advanced technology.  The Priest Kings, the ruling beings on the planet, prevented the Goreans from developing technology beyond that of what is basically the Medieval era.  However, there was one area in which the Goreans…… Continue reading Second Life Goreans and Technology