A New HoR Elite Slave

On Friday, April 5, Master Gorm gathered the HoR elite slaves at the Caer to celebrate the accomplishments of his girl, colleen, and to promote her to the status of HoR elite slave. Master Gorm began the ceremony by speaking words of pride for his girl, colleen. He described her impressive work ethic, her leadership,…… Continue reading A New HoR Elite Slave

Master Gorm’s Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday Evening, March 31st, 2019 we celebrated a very special birthday. Goreans love life and they love to celebrate and that is what we did. We recognized the man who started what we all enjoy right now, Master Gorm Runo, the administrator of Caer Cadarn and the owner of the House of Runo. The…… Continue reading Master Gorm’s Birthday Celebration

A New Home!

The House of Runo is thrilled to announce they have a brand new home!  We now reside on a full sim which will allow us to invite many more visitors and have bigger and better events and activities. The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn is one of the main attractions of The House of Runo.…… Continue reading A New Home!

HOR Tharlarion Racers

Lately the House of Runo has become involved in racing Tharlarions.  This is an activity that is specific to Second Life Gor.  We raise the tharlarions, train them and then race them.   The tharlarions are from the G&S system which can be found within second life. bee It is Master Gorm’s slave Bee that…… Continue reading HOR Tharlarion Racers

A Higher Standard

Recently the House of Runo was faced with a situation within Second Life Gor.  This situation happened on a sim which considers itself “Lifestyle”. To explain, within Second Life Gor there are sims which are considered “Roleplay”.  Those sims are pretty much strictly role play where people go to “pretend” or play a role.  They…… Continue reading A Higher Standard

Merry Gorean Christmas

The House of Runo wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Yes, we realize that they didn’t celebrate Christmas on Gor.   However, we are from Earth living a Gorean life whether in Second Life or in Real Life.  And so we wanted to wish all of you who celebrate as we do…… Continue reading Merry Gorean Christmas

The House of Runo is proud to welcome two new slaves.

Welcome aboard bee (beaDumbledore Resident) and kamra (Kel Blindside). As is customary Master Gorm took the slaves up to the Caer near the homestone.  He gathered up those who were available to all witness the event.  It is an exciting, yet solemn happening when a girl is collared to the HOR.  We are always excited…… Continue reading The House of Runo is proud to welcome two new slaves.

The House of Runo at Caer Cadarn

The House of Runo is located at the lovely Caer Cadarn.  The name is derived from the books by Bernard Cromwell known as The Warlord Chronicles.  Caer Cadarn, or affectionately called “The Caer” is the place where kings were crowned.  It is now the center of Caer Cadarn and The House of Runo.  The homestone…… Continue reading The House of Runo at Caer Cadarn