Caer Cadarn Fall Festival – Opening Ceremonies, Fishing and Horettes

Caer Cadarn knows how to celebrate! We celebrate living, we celebrate the seasons, we just celebrate life! Today starts the beginning of the Caer Cadarn Fall Festival. Many activities and much fun planned. Here are the words of our administrator, Master Gorm Runo. Gorm Runo: Tal and greetings everyone. The people of the Free Port … Continue reading Caer Cadarn Fall Festival – Opening Ceremonies, Fishing and Horettes

Caer Cadarn Home Stone Celebration – Opening Ceremony

June 14-16 was THE weekend of the festival which would celebrate the Home Stone placement anniversary of Caer Cadarn.  The festival contained many events and activities, dancing, radio broadcasts and lots of fun.  The whole thing was kicked off on Friday June 14, 2019 by a speech by Master Gorm Runo - Administrator of Caer … Continue reading Caer Cadarn Home Stone Celebration – Opening Ceremony

The Horettes Dance at The Gorean Compass!

The Horettes performed by special request of Master Gorm Runo at his Gorean Compass broadcast on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.  The topic of discussion was how views of women and femininity have changed over the years.  Part of the discussion included the topic of how women view their own sexuality as it relates to the … Continue reading The Horettes Dance at The Gorean Compass!

A New HoR Elite Slave

On Friday, April 5, Master Gorm gathered the HoR elite slaves at the Caer to celebrate the accomplishments of his girl, colleen, and to promote her to the status of HoR elite slave. Master Gorm began the ceremony by speaking words of pride for his girl, colleen. He described her impressive work ethic, her leadership, … Continue reading A New HoR Elite Slave

Caer Cadarn and House of Runo New Home

Caer Cadarn, home of The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn and The House of Runo are excited to announce their move to a brand new location. The whole of The House of Runo is now three sims all combined with a single purpose. Caer Cadarn will be the resort and event center of the three … Continue reading Caer Cadarn and House of Runo New Home

Master Gorm’s Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday Evening, March 31st, 2019 we celebrated a very special birthday. Goreans love life and they love to celebrate and that is what we did. We recognized the man who started what we all enjoy right now, Master Gorm Runo, the administrator of Caer Cadarn and the owner of the House of Runo. The … Continue reading Master Gorm’s Birthday Celebration

Food For Thought by Lady Safira

I would like to think that even if we logged in one day and there was nothing on Caer Cadarn at all, those that have sworn and committed to this community would still be here, being Gorean and supporting one another in our beliefs. Raising one another up, challenging each other daily to be better, to raise the bar, to raise our own personal standards.

How did Collean find Gor?

I first arrived in Second life in 2008. I went to the usual watering holes. I stood around with everyone else looking for something. It all seemed rather boring to me. One day, a good friend said “Come to Gor with me" I had no clue what Gor was, but on his recommendation I donned … Continue reading How did Collean find Gor?

The House of Runo – Slave Dancing

The House of Runo does promote the arts whether it be poetry, singing, music, dancing, painting or any other form of art both visual and performing.  As such we will begin to post events related to Gorean forms of artistry on the blog. A few weeks ago tabi entered a dance competition in the city … Continue reading The House of Runo – Slave Dancing