The Horettes – Welcome To Burlesque

The Horettes received a request to do a burlesque type show and so they did, and of course, they did it Gorean style. We had a lot of fun with this performance and hope that you enjoy. We did have two soloists. Our soloists this time were Rhiannon and Radish and they did an amazing…… Continue reading The Horettes – Welcome To Burlesque


The Horettes – The Greatest Show

Many years ago a critic of The House of Runo called us “Gorm Runo’s Traveling Circus” Rather than be offended by this we embraced it because after all The House of Runo is the Greatest Show in Gor!  With this in mind the Horettes performed in a special performance featuring music from the movie The…… Continue reading The Horettes – The Greatest Show

Horettes Dancing At The Gorean Compass Broadcast

Day – Tuesday 31st July 2018 Time – show at 1pm – 3pm slt Where – Campus main classroom Girls that performed – Tuka – Dawn – Tabi – Ruby – Rhiannon – Foxy – Tiggy – Meira ————————— 1. This is me ————————— [14:08] Tuka (Arwin Bartlett) has lost all inhibitions in serving…… Continue reading Horettes Dancing At The Gorean Compass Broadcast

Home Stone placement ceremony & Horettes Performance!

Friday, June 15, 2018 was the actual day of the Home Stone placement and a small ceremony.  Earlier on the same day Master Gorm Runo, administrator of Caer Cadarn, requested the Horettes to perform the same dance they would be performing later in the day after the actual ceremony.  This would be so that all…… Continue reading Home Stone placement ceremony & Horettes Performance!