House of Runo – Tharlarion Racing

As many know the House of Runo has been very involved in Tharlarion Racing within Second Life Gor.  This month was an exciting month for the HOR.  Both Rhiannon and Tabi have been in the pros division for many months.  However, this month we had the chance to add 2 more riders from the HOR…… Continue reading House of Runo – Tharlarion Racing

A New Home!

The House of Runo is thrilled to announce they have a brand new home!  We now reside on a full sim which will allow us to invite many more visitors and have bigger and better events and activities. The Black Tarn Tavern and Inn is one of the main attractions of The House of Runo.…… Continue reading A New Home!

HOR Tharlarion Racers

Lately the House of Runo has become involved in racing Tharlarions.  This is an activity that is specific to Second Life Gor.  We raise the tharlarions, train them and then race them.   The tharlarions are from the G&S system which can be found within second life. bee It is Master Gorm’s slave Bee that…… Continue reading HOR Tharlarion Racers