The Book Sessions – Part 3 – The Slave Books (1)

Thursday, June 18, 2015   Gorean Philosophy Class Lecture (6.18.15) As usual for this seminar, I will give a short opening talk to introduce our topic, and then will open the floor for questions and comments.  So, if you will hold the all until I finish, I will make sure everyone has a chance to…… Continue reading The Book Sessions – Part 3 – The Slave Books (1)

Slave Protocol class 3

Master Gorm Runo’s classes on Slave Protocol.  Presented at Tosar Village on Mondays at 6pm SLT.  Excellent classes presenting what Master’s expect of slaves and their behavior. *************** CHAT LOGS **************** [19:10] Gorm Runo: I know that for the past few weeks we have discussed rules and expectations in very general terms. I thought it…… Continue reading Slave Protocol class 3