Slave Training – Gorean Foods

Recently we had another excellent class taught by the slave of Master Gorm, Rhiannon.  She taught us a bit about Gorean food and how to prepare it.  Everyone had a chance to emote preparing a meal.  It was quite informative  The transcript of the class is below.  The comprehensive notecard of Gorean Foods that was passed out in the class will be available in the next blog post.

In attendance was Rhiannon (teacher), Tiggy (scribe slut), Tabi, Thais, Kaya and Kanrem (aka no name)

[18:56] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): i am about to teach a class on Gorean Foods, no name.
[18:57] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Okies so i am going to pass out a NC
[18:58] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): This is a list of Gorean Foods found in the books. Most of my information can be found on the Goreancave website which there is a link to on the HOR Blog.
[19:00] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Is that under Slave Training, Rhiannon?
[19:01] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): It’s it’s own link on the blog
[19:01] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Gorean Cave
[19:01] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Thank you, tabi.
[19:01] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles.
[19:01] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Thank you, Tabi
[19:01] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Did everyone get the NC?
[19:01] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): waves it around “got mine!!!” goes back to scribbling
[19:02] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) nods and smiles
[19:02] Kanrem (kanrem): mee too
[19:02] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles brightly!
[19:02] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Awesome!
[19:02] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Okay so that NC lists Gorean Foods in Alphabetical Order.
[19:03] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Thing about Gorean Foods is, most of them are similar if not identical to the things eat on earth.

[19:03] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) nods
[19:03] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): we eat on earth*
[19:04] Kanrem (kanrem): go maccas\
[19:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): They are simply called something different on Gor. Why? Because Gor was a different planet. Plain and simple. You’ll see many things called the same as they are on earth like the first food on the list is Apricot. Obviously, we all know what that is.
[19:05] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Apricot
Presumably identical to an Earth apricot

I brushed away two sellers of apricots and spices. Come with me to the cafe of Red Cages, said a boy, pulling at my sleeve.”
~ Tribesman of Gor page 45
[19:06] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If it was found in the books it made it onto this NC.
[19:06] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles.
[19:06] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): grins
[19:06] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): It is extensive.
[19:06] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Long.
[19:06] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): So we will not be going over every item on the list tonight.
[19:06] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): We could be here forever.
[19:07] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): But, please, do look over the NC and refresh yourselves on what things are called here on Gor and use this knowledge in your emoting and serving.
[19:08] Kanrem (kanrem): nods
[19:08] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) wipes her brow “phew..”
[19:08] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles ..
[19:08] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): welcome kaya.
[19:08] KAYA2Clawtooth: thank you
[19:08] KAYA2Clawtooth: loading
[19:09] Kanrem (kanrem): i getting hungry now
[19:09] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): Tal Kaya… pop a squat at a desk.. youre just in time
[19:09] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): let me get you a NC and tigs could you fill her in on what she missed so far? Not much. smiles.
[19:09] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): yep, no worries
[19:11] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): What i am going to ask of all ya’all lovelies tonight is to write out an emote, using at least 5 foods from the NC, preparing a meal for your Master or a Master.
[19:12] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Please make sure that you describe the food or herb or what not that you are using to make the meal, to show that you have a handle on exactly what it is that you are cooking.
[19:13] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): ah, so emote cooking basically
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): yes tigs.
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Also, try to keep it to 3 posts. *smiles*
[19:14] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): so prewrite on NC?
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Go ahead and post the emote when you are finished.
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Works for me, tigs.
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles
[19:14] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): we are not going in an order tonight.
[19:14] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): okies
[19:14] SirTurbo Markenly: walks in and counts the slaves… hmm 6 yes that is right the slaver said 6. stands to guard them while they do their lessons
[19:15] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) cracks her knuckles and starts to write out the emote of a lifetime on her favorite subject… FOOD!
[19:16] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) eyes lift to notice a Master standing guard outside the kennel door, inclines her head slightly in his direction before returning her attention back to the amazing beauties that were busy writing out emotes preparing a Gorean meal.
[19:17] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If anyone has any questions please ask. I will do my best to answer or find the answer.
[19:19] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Next week we will be going over serving as kajira on Gor so knowledge of drinks and foods first goes a long way in helping your service to be found pleasing to most Free.

[19:21] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Another thing, i have been asked to prepare a meal and to “be imaginative” in the creation of the meal before by Free on Gor.
[19:22] SirTurbo Markenly: watches each of the girls closely seeing the individual beauty of each. all very pleasing to the eye. sees how hard they are working. stands quiet and ready incase any one should try to steal them
[19:22] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): here goes mine, Rhiannon…
[19:23] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Without knowledge of the foods and what they are suppose to taste like i might have added tospit to stew and that wouldn’t have tasted very good.
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) sunk her teeth into her bottom lip as she thought about what to make, then smiled as a decisive look came over her face, reaching for a pot and filling it with a couple firm strokes on the pump by the sink. She put the pot over the fire, seeing tiny bubbles form around the edges as she reached for 5 large suls from a bag. Peeling the suls, she added some chopped carrots, and chopping as quickly as she could, she added two turnips to the mix, dropping them into the pot as they were chopped. She added some white and red salts to the water as it began to boil around the vegetables.
[19:23] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) reached over to take three nicely cut tarsk chops, and cut them into strips. Dropping these onto the grill by the pot, now steaming as the vegetables began to spread their aroma about the room, the tarsk strips sizzled and added the smoke of the burning grease to the air. Tipping the pot into a large bowl, she let the cooked vegetables fill the bowl.
[19:23] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): With a gleam in her eye, she took white and yellow chunks of Bosk cheese, slicing shavings off the cheese until she had a large handful, spreading it over the vegatables, to form a fragrant melted covering. She took the crisp sizzling tarsk strips from the grill, placing them on a platter, along with a generaous serving of the vegatables and melted cheese, arranging themm on a platter, with a warm freshly raised sa tarna biscuit, slathered with bosk butter.

[19:24] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Goodness Gracious Thais! i am suddenly hungry.
[19:24] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) giggles… “Sorry, but if I had had more posts, there would have been more spices”
[19:24] SirTurbo Markenly: My stomach starts to growl at the sounds of the food that this girls may be preparing some time soon..
[19:25] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Wonderful job! You used suls, tarsk, red and white salts, bosk cheese and a sa tarna biscuit and even if i had no clue what those things were ..
[19:25] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Ok, my 3 posts are going to be boom, boom, boom
[19:26] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): that emote would have made me hungry and i understood just what i was eating. Thank you, Thais.
[19:26] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) enters the kitchen with breakfast for Master in mind. Sorts through what is available and decides to begin on the biscuits. Taking sa-tarna flour mixing it with water, a bit of butter to make a crude dough the slave forms the thick batter into balls, places them on the cooking sheet and places it in the oven to cook. While the biscuits are cooking she picks up a fish, noticing it’s a White -bellied she smiles thinking how Master will surely enjoy this rare treat. Slicing the thick fish into fillets, placing a few fillets on the pan over the fire to fry.
[19:26] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) checks on the biscuits, almost done, turns the fish and as it is coming close to completion cracks a couple vulo eggs to add to the mix. As the whites of the eggs congeal, the yolks bubbling the slave removes the biscuits from the overn just in time, placing them to the side to cool just a bit. As the fish and eggs come to an end she grabs a tray placing plate and utensils on the plate. Snatches up the fish and eggs just in time placing them artistically on the plate, adding butter churned earlier that morning from Bosk milk she slathers the biscuits adding them on a small plate to the side of the fish and eggs. Quickly pours a goblet of chilled ramberry juice, adding that to the tray with a talender to the side for garnish the slave smiles, the tray is complete.
[19:26] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) carries the tray to Master, resting comfortably in the furs, propped up by cushions, kneeling at his side presents the the tray before her owner with soft words and winsome smile, “Your breakfast, Master. lovingly prepared by the hand of your slave. May you find strength and sustenance from this humble offering.”

[19:27] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Very nice, Tabi.. and you even served it!
[19:27] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) giggles… I thought we were supposed to.
[19:28] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman) shakes her head laughing… “I was just a cook and setup girl”
[19:28] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Nice, Tabi wow. i could literally see you in the kitchen doing all of that as i was reading it.
[19:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): you used white bellied grunt then i am guessing?
[19:29] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): yes
[19:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles
[19:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): awesome.
[19:29] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): I just guessed that it was a firmer, thicker fish
[19:29] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): yes, for breakfast.
[19:29] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): it sounded like it was
[19:29] SirTurbo Markenly: after hearing the girls description, I now know I will be going to the tavern to eat and fill My empty stomach…
[19:30] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): and sa tarna flour and ramberry juice, bosk butter. vulo eggs… Great job, tabs.
[19:30] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): Thank you, rhiannon
[19:31] Kanrem (kanrem): may i ask question ?pleese?
[19:31] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): ok here come my posts…
[19:31] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): sure thing no name.
[19:31] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles at her.
[19:31] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) entered into the kitchen after a rather successful day out in the delta fishing for her Master’s supper. The buckets full of parsit fish that had wiggled their last wiggle. Couldnt get much fresher then this. Clapping hands together to start preparing dinner. Using a sharp knife the schendi girl slapped down the first fish on the board. Slicking through the stripe detailed flesh to fillet each side. Using her claw like nails as a tool at plucking the small bones from the white flakey meat. Seasoning each side, flesh and skin in a sprinkling of salt. In a skillet like pan the girl melted a few blobs of creamy bosk butter to cook the fish Fillets in. As the flesh was lowered into the melted pool of yellow the pan sizzled fiercely. Retracting her hand quickly to avoid splashback.
[19:31] Kanrem (kanrem): do i senr n/c to you or post
[19:32] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) in a pan of water the girl added some smallish sized suls, with the skins still on. Boiling them as a side order to accompany the fish once cooked. Watching the water bubbling in the pan over the suls as they cooked. Somehow finding it oddly entertaining. A giggle passing lips as she squieked “The fish!” Flipping it over quickly so they didnt burn. Phew. Also preparing a small pan of beans as a healthy vegetable to go with the suls and fish
[19:32] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) sliced a tospit in half as the fish cooked on each side. Squeezing the juice over the cooking fish to give it a fresh, citrus taste that should compliment it well. Steam rising in bellows of mist from the bubbling pans. With care tiggy now had to take off the suls and drain the hot water. Using rence rep clothes as protection from the heat. Pouring the water away. Doing the same with the beans once they were done. Now came the plating. Carefully the fish was transferred to a cleaned plate. laid side by side. The suls scattered beside them with a blob of butter to melt on top. The beans to add a splash of color to the plate. Sniffing now the heavy set slut was getting hungry herself as she carried the heavy laiden plate to present to her owner. Laying it out on the tabel before him “Your dinner my Master.. Freshly caught parsit fish, served with boiled suls, beans and drizzled in a butter and tospit juice for flavor…this slut begs you find it pleasing.”

[19:32] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Please go ahead and post in local so we can all see and learn together no name.
[19:32] Kanrem (kanrem): ohh , ok ,
[19:32] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): scrolls up to read tiggys post with a smile.
[19:32] Kanrem (kanrem): here goes
[19:32] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): very vivid, Tigs!!! I love the sounds and action!
[19:32] Kanrem (kanrem): The girl walked slowly but surely to the kitchen , deeply iin thought , arriving she looks at the cool box , opening it she fiddles and takes out a large bosk steak , closing the lid she walks to the stove and lays the steak on the grill , noticing a jar of the nicest color of the butter of bosk , she takes a knife and spreads the butter over the steak and turns it over , then she walks to the other side and takes a couple of vulo eggs and places them in a pan , that she had wiped with verr butter for extra flavering . Looking around the girl spies a bottle of ka na wine and opens it and gently theen pours some on the bosk steak , the smell over powers the girl and she wipes a finger on the steak and then tastes it , ” mmmmm , lovely “* .. The girl then moves to the bakery side and takes a loaf of Black bread , and slices it thickly and covers it with tabuk butter , looking at the steak , the girl reaches for a plate , then taking the steak she places the steak on a layer katch ,then the vulo eggs are placed
[19:32] Kanrem (kanrem): on top of the steak “the green will look good “,, then she places the bread beside the steak , moving to the flame she takes the crows foot vessel she had filled with warm mead , she then walks to the Master and waits to serve , >
[19:34] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Addresses tiggy’s post first with a smile.
[19:34] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): hehe thanks… just trying to catch up now for the chat log NC

[19:34] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): mmm… I want no name’s steak!
[19:34] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): that sounds delicious!
[19:34] Kanrem (kanrem): smiles
[19:35] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Nicely done, no name! and black bread too!
[19:35] Kanrem (kanrem): smiles again
[19:35] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): thats something many dont really do these days… see so much satarna bread, hardly any black… nice
[19:35] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): all the food sounds so good, I’m going to hire you all as cooks for me!
[19:36] SirTurbo Markenly: sighs as My stomach growls and growls at the sound of this food.
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): tiggy your emote was amazing as always. Had me wanting that fish bad. But, no name, Tabi and Thais are right, your steak sounds delicious.
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): And i loved the use of black bread.
[19:36] Kanrem (kanrem) whispers: hands Tabi a slice of tospit and whispers ” suck this ”
[19:36] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): and tabuk butter as opposed to bosk
[19:37] SirTurbo Markenly: softly says. your use of ka na wine was a nice touch.. just saying
[19:37] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy) makes a face and puts up a hand.. uh.. thanks, but no thanks!
[19:37] Kanrem (kanrem): if it good as is sounds , i will take it outside and eat it my self
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Well it certainly sounds good.
[19:38] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): While we wait for kaya to catch up and post do any of you have any questions or comments about Gorean food?
[19:38] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): i think we made the poor Master hungry who is so kindly keeping us all safe
[19:39] SirTurbo Markenly: aye girl with beauty and value such as is in the cage.. it is well to guard it with the best warriors
[19:39] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): I’m guessing that some of these foods are regional, rather like Black Wine is, you wouldn’t find just any food anywhere.

Bosk Steak Tray
[19:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327) giggles fluttering lashes upwards her gaze once again settling upon the Master standing just beyond the bars holding us all within the HOR kennels in Tosar Village then focuses back upon the class.
[19:40] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): i know certain fish are regional.. some veg and crops cant grow in the north neither…
[19:40] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Yes, Tabi thank you for pointing that out.
[19:40] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): and perusing this NC some are grown in the Tahari, some carried by the wagon people, etc.
[19:41] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Just as Rence is found in the delta and only in the delta.
[19:41] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Yes, and although we normally see ale and mead served in the taverns of SL Gor, they are only mentioned in Marauders of Gor in Torvaldsland.
[19:41] Kanrem (kanrem): nods ” but many traders bring speciality ffoods frrom time to time
[19:42] KAYA2Clawtooth: Kaya washes her hands and dry well enter the kitchen
pulls down a big bowl and get the flour, egg, milk honey and begs to make a cake’s one then I would wash the bosk meet and season it and cooking then
then i add some sul with the black sausage on the stove cooking slow lee. then I would start frying my fish, I would flour it then fry it. and fix my plants up and serve it.
[19:42] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): To properly RP all would know this and emote accordingly but so many actually know so little or at least don’t care to go that extra little step towards actually creating a truly Gorean atmosphere when they RP.
[19:42] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): I remember years ago when I first came to SL Gor I made chocolate chip cookies as a treat for the people of the city. Some claimed it wouldn’t be Gorean and I asked them which ingredient in the cookies couldn’t be found on Gor.
[19:42] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): I won the argument, hehehehehe
[19:42] Kanrem (kanrem): :}
[19:43] – ????? – (Kel Blindside) smiled towards the Master guardsman through the bars. hands smeared in ink that now matched the rest of her tribally marked skin. “we are very grateful Master for your protection.. thank you Master!” Blows a kiss from juicy lips in his direction to show her gratitude.
[19:43] SirTurbo Markenly: chuckles at the girls cookies. aye good point indeed I think
[19:43] Thaïs (LauraTarnsman): Ooh, a good meal, Kajira. I love the sausage!!
[19:43] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): giggles then reads kaya’s post.
[19:43] Kanrem (kanrem): do,s ye mean bickies?
[19:43] KAYA2Clawtooth: lol
[19:44] KAYA2Clawtooth: sorry i was writing to fast
[19:44] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): no sorries allowed
[19:44] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles.
[19:45] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): your meal sounds delicious, Kaya!
[19:45] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): kaya … that was definitely a mouth watering meal you made there. Cake and steak with black sausage. By plants i am guessing you meant veggies of some sort.
[19:45] KAYA2Clawtooth: nods lol
[19:46] KAYA2Clawtooth: lol
[19:46] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): Good job! Remember to use the NC to get creative if the Free you are making a meal for allows you to.
[19:46] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): And to use the NC as a reference for what things are and how they are cooked and served with here on Gor.
[19:46] KAYA2Clawtooth: nods
[19:46] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): You all prepared wonderful meals. Thank you!
[19:47] Kanrem (kanrem): smiles
[19:47] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): If no one has any questions or any more comments about the Foods of Gor then we can wrap up early for once.
[19:48] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): none from me sis
[19:48] SirTurbo Markenly: sees the dark skinned beauty throw a kiss My way. winks and thinks of how nice and happy she makes her Master..
[19:48] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): It is always a good refresher for me too Thais. And you are most welcome i am so happy to be able to share my love of Gor with peoples.
[19:48] – ????? – (Kel Blindside): just say when and i’ll get these chatlogs passed out as a keepsake for everyone to look back on
[19:48] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): When sis.
[19:48] rhiannon (rhiannon0327): smiles
[19:48] TABI (Xtabi Galaxy): and for me to put on the blog, tiggy
[19:48] Kanrem (kanrem): yes thank you for the food thinghy


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