Consensual Slavery?

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions. This class was held on October 11, 2018

Tal and greetings,

Often times we talk of the paradoxes of Gor. Slave girls are free only when they are in a collar. That is an example of a Gorean paradox. The definition of paradox is interesting.

“a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.”

When we engage in discussions and listen to the input of girls who have chosen the role of Gorean slave girl, we find that happening. A seemingly absurd statement, after investigation, may well contain some truth. The role does “free” girls in ways that many people find hard to understand.

When we speak of Second Life Gor, we encounter the greatest of all the Gorean Paradoxes, consensual slavery.

When we speak of Second Life Gor, we encounter the greatest of all the Gorean Paradoxes, consensual slavery. .

One of the ways to explain it is called “The Gateway.” This theory says that slavery in Second Life Gor is consensual up to the point where you pass through the gate and enter it. You do not have to do it. It is a free and consensual choice to give up free and consensual choices. The gateway theory also tells us that it is a two way street. Once you enter, you really retain only one choice, and that is to leave.

The normal structure of Second Life Gor, especially in areas more devoted to roleplay was to retain all choices even inside the gate through the use of IC/OOC. The ability to jump from the role and out of it through the medium of private messages,, out of character, did not really mesh well with the idea of “The Gateway.”

Lately, a different approach to this is to eliminate IC/OOC in world. Logging into Second Life Gor is considered the gateway, and logging off is considered the exit. However, once inside you are consistent to your role. This method is creating even better role play, because the consistency allows a level of immersion that was impossible in the past.

All of this is actually process. I think a valid question when investigating consensual slavery is why would a girl chose to give up her opinions, or feelings, or beliefs, or likes and dislikes?

Why would she chose to become an unfeeling, unthinking, robot, serving the will of others?

Slavery, true slavery, where a person is forced against their will is an abhorrent thing. The Gorean novels are filled with examples of force. Our critics have mocked the books on the idea that a girl is dragged weeping and crying into slavery and then seems to love it every time. The way legal slavery as depicted in the novels is one of the strongest arguments for the Gorean compass idea that Gor sucked and Earth sucked, and only in some balanced middle ground can we live true to ourselves and to Natural order. Every time you see Goreans in the book resorting to bullying or brutality to enforce dominance, you are seeing “Gor sucks.” So, for there to be any middle ground to this, it seems like it will be found in consensual slavery.

But, what of the mind control, and the suppression of free thought? Isn’t that part of what makes slavery abhorrent to us?

Well, when you really understand the symbolism and the message, I think you start to find out that Gorean slavery is not about any of that. It is all about two main things.

Timing, and presentation. It is not about the things that go on inside your mind, it is about the external behaviors It is not about what you think, but how and when you express it. I think that a fundamental sense of timing and presentation is something that has helped human civilization rise above the animals to its dominate position. If you look at the behavior of apes, you are going to notice a lot of inappropriate behavior going on. For example, seeking privacy to relieve themselves, or to copulate. Of course, it might not be inappropriate behavior for the apes, but that is my point. We civilized ourselves by learning that there is a right time and a right place. When we violated that rule, violence and chaos was often the result.

So, the Higher Ground standard that is placed on a Gorean kajira is to become the poster child for timing and presentation. That is why we call them beacons. It has nothing to do with holding them back or pushing them down. It has everything to do with raising them up. Men can watch them in envy and awe. They move and act with a beauty and grace and sense of what is appropriate that softens the souls of men and also helps them battle the beasts that rage inside them. There is something exceptional in them. I have said that Gorean men know them to be the best females in the universe because they would settle for nothing less.

There is nothing in there that sounds like “mind control and Stepford wife”

Ah, but I know its hard, girls. It is hard to hold your tongue, and it is hard to know when the time is right. . It is hard to slow down and carefully select your words, so your thoughts and ideas are presented in a pleasing manner. If it was easy, everyone would be able to do it.

A political commentator that I follow has the habit of labeling his posts as either “good Trump” or “bad Trump” depending on his take on the issue. I suggest this is a good way to reread the novels, including the Slave girl novels. As you read the passages, think “Bad Gor”, and “Good Gor.” You will find that when you do this, you will be able to separate them easily, and will be able to focus on the passages that are important.

Here is an example of that process. You know that frequently, we hear that slave girls were kept ignorant. They are hooded when traveling, and their keepers stay very quiet about details. There are passages, that get quoted in these kinds of discussions, that suggest it is best to keep a slave girl ignorant to better control her. Bad Gor. Then, we hear that curiosity is unbecoming in a kajira. Is this an example of Bad Gor? Or is this really a timing and presentation issue. If you read the passages where it is used in the books, they usually represent the slave girl asking a question in an inappropriate time. Is this really a timing and presentation issue? Maybe the point is to encourage her to be patient, wait for the right moment and not immediately jump into the conversation with “what?” why? when? type of questions. So, I am going with Good Gor on this one.

I will remind you, we are Goreans, and we have to make these kinds of judgments individually, so I call that a process. You might come to a different conclusion.

So, in Second Life Gor, a girl could consent to slavery, and if she did it with a full commitment while inside the gateway, she would find herself more female than she had ever been before. She might find herself rising up and displaying talents and skills she did not even suspect she was capable of. She would be learning the most important matters of timing and presentation that were helping men tame the wild beasts of their own souls, and learning how to express her emotions and her thoughts in ways that soothed rather than provoked, and made the world more peaceful rather than more violent.

All and all , I think that is a pretty good deal, and I can understand why a girl would consent to it. So, our investigation shows consensual slavery is a true Paradox, because it might just well make a lot of sense after all.

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