The Perfect Gor

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on February 15, 2018

Tal and greetings,

In the seminar last week, I was asked the question what was my vision of the perfect Gor, and how would they recognize it, if they happened across it.

And later in the week, after the class, I was asked again the first part of the question. What is your vision for Gor?

The very first reaction was to correct the question. It should be very clear that we are discussing a vision of Second Life Gor.

My second reaction to the question was to encourage the person asking that question to go to the blog and read last years classes.

Right from the beginning of the seminar last year, we advanced this premise:

The culture and society of Earth sucks in many ways because it has become too soft.


The culture and society of the fictional planet of Gor introduced in a series of Science Fiction novels sucks in many ways because it is too hard.


The quotation that we used to back up this Counter-Earth way of looking at Gor was in Marauders of Gor, Book 9.

“Many of the competitive moralities of Earth are thus mistaken.

But, what is not mistaken?

The Goreans have very different notions of morality from those of Earth.

Yet, who is to say who is the more correct?

I envy sometimes, the simplicities of those of Earth, and those of Gor, who, creatures of their conditioning are untroubled by such matters, but I would not be as either of them. If either is correct, it would be a lucky coincidence.”

Page 7 Marauders of Gor

“I would not be as either of them”

Tarl lays it out on the next page very clearly. The main difference is in the idea that Earth has become “too soft” and Gor is “too hard”

This is what we spoke of when we talked of that old German philosopher guy who spoke of the Uber Mensch, or Superior Man. It was suggesting a philosophy that embraced a very balanced and positive approach to life.

The model of the Gorean novels is this in a nutshell. A person who was raised and educated on Earth goes to Gor and becomes a superior person.

They become a superior person because they can hold on to the good of Earth and reject the bad, and embrace the good of Gor without succumbing to the bad.


When you look at the history of online Gor, and especially Second Life Gor, you see we seemed to have gotten that completely backwards.

We came here with all the baggage of the soft weak Earth culture, and embraced a lot of what was supposed to be the “bad” side of Gor.

Strangely enough, most of the people doing this called it “BTB”, but it should have been called,
“BTFW” by the fictional world. If it were BTB, it would always be an upward journey toward that more balanced superior model. The books were not rocket science. They were blatant in their laying out of a higher standard, and they were blatant in their examples of what was wrong with Earth and what was wrong with Gor. We were shown both extremes and all the signs were pointing to a balanced middle ground. It was a very simple morality tale.

Everyone always says that there are as many interpretations of Gor as there are people reading the books, and this is true as far as an understanding of the parameters of the middle ground. Exactly, how we attain this balance differs from person to person, but to suggest this is not the goal the books are pointing us to is to totally miss their message.

It is one of those “too soft” things when you suggest there are interpretations of the books that allow you to “do whatever you want to do.” The books are clearly telling us that the danger is at the extremes, and that idea that we are not bound together by codes and rules and standards and limitations or that somehow we are all equal and the same is the soft weak extreme that is beginning to permeate Earth.


When I first read and understood the Gorean novels, I had a vision. How great it would be if there was some way to build that balanced world. What if we could have a place where we could be the narrators of the novels. We could be Tarl, and Jason, or those young girls wisked away to Gor. And we would go there as strong people but with compassion for others, who are going to be asking the question, “why so hard”, at the same time we would be embracing a bit of the toughness and the more natural honest world of Gor. Ah, that was what we called a “pipe dream” , back in the day.

And lo and behold, Linden Labs turned the vision into reality. It wasn’t real, but it wasn’t a game. It wasn’t the planet Gor, but it wasn’t our often mundane RL’s. It was a blank platform hanging somewhere between reality and unreality.

So, I am asked. “What is my vision of a perfect Gor and how would I know it if I happened on it.”

It is a Second Life Gorean community consisting of superior people. They would come into this little section of Second Life into a Brave New World where the standards are very high. . Those virtues that seem to becoming jokes on Earth become the shinning beacons that guide our behavior. Honor, Honesty, Brotherhood, Personal Responsibility, Grace, Beauty, Respect.

People would no longer be “role playing” that they are assholes to cover up the fact that they actually are assholes.


It would be a place where when people logged in, they stopped a moment, took a deep breath, dropped all their baggage, and soared into a World of such incredible excitement and beauty and they had experiences there that made them wiser, stronger, and happier. They were aware that they were superior people, and they would excel. And when they logged back out again, they would be shaking with wonder at the intensity, and would turn and approach that other world, better equipped to deal with it.

The beacon idea, from Hunters of Gor, is the answer to the second part of the question.

Tarl said in that book that he was lighting the beacon to mark the spot he recollected his Honor, and he didn’t really care if anyone saw it or seeing it , if any would understand why it burned, but it was important that it did so.

When you suddenly realize that you are a beacon and the people you are associating with are beacons, then you will know you have found the perfect Gor.

You are a guiding light.It's time to shine.

As I said. it has never been rocket science. There are no personal interpretations that justify blaming others for your own failures. Or any that justify whining about things over which you have no control. There is no excuse or defense for weakness. There is such a thing as the Honorable way, and there is morality and there is definitely a right and a wrong.

So, when your online Gorean experience is reflecting those ideas, and the people around you are standing up for them, you will have become part of the perfection of the vision.

As I wrote this talk, I had a vision of Tom Hanks, telling Dottie, in the movie, “League of Their Own” that “It is supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It is the hard that makes it great.”


That is a part of my vision of the perfect Gor. I want it to be great, and that means I understand it is going to have to be hard, too.

I know many people have a much harder and more demanding real life, and they look for easy and amusing. And many of these people, for one reason or another, have come to Second Life Gor to find it. To me that is like going rock climbing on the weekends, to relax and rest.

I have not preaching from Holy writ here, of course. It is just my opinion based on my experience , but I do not believe anyone is ever even going to have a lot of fun here until they see it more as “rock climbing” than relaxed game playing.


Not too many people get this chance. We have been given a blank slate and we have a playbook to guide us in the creation of a utopian vision that would have satisfied Tarl when he said he didn’t want to be like the people of Earth or the Goreans of Gor.

It is not going to be easy, and that means if we can pull it off, it should be great.

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