Gun Control

The Gorean Compass is a class given every Thursday by Master Gorm Runo.  Classes are held at the Gorean Campus and are given at noon and 6pm SLT.  All are encouraged to come and join in the amazing discussions.

This class given on February 22, 2018

Tal and greetings,

There are a lot of times when I am thinking about the subjects of these talks that I deliberately tune out the News and ignore my passionate responses to what I call the ‘social issue of the day” down there are Earth.

I have stated in this seminar many times that the Gorean novels were holding up a mirror to look back at the problems of Earth society, but we live such a majority of our time in that society that we often need a break and some time to look at issues that only relate to how we structure our online “escape” and that deal exclusively with the problems of Gor and of Second Life Gor.

But, when I picked up Tarnsman of Gor to surf through its pages for some ideas on a topic, I was drawn back into this weeks social media firestorm over gun control.

Here is the quote:

“There is at least one area, however,” said my father, “in which the Priest-Kings do take a most active interest in this world, and that is the area of technology. They limit, selectively, the technology available to us. the Men Below the Mountains.

For example, incredibly enough, weapon technology is controlled to where the most powerful devices of war are the crossbow and the lance.”

Page 31 Tarnsman of Gor

He goes on the explain that, of course, from time to time, someone will develop a modern weapon. Gun powder and AK-47 assault rifles and surface to air missiles and even intercontinental ballistic missiles are real things that were just waiting to be developed as science progressed, and it would have been no different on Gor. The difference was that when someone had a breakthrough and produced such a thing, something very strange happened. Maybe not right away, but sooner or later, the person doing the inventing would be hit by the blue flame and be gone. That tended to discourage weapons research.


For those of you who might have missed the story, last week, a mentally disturbed young man with a semi-automatic weapon walked into a Florida school and killed 17 students and teachers.
In the wake of this, students across the country are organizing mass walkouts and demonstrations for this Spring, to end the blight of mass killings and bring sanity and safety to everyone.

Two examples of how far into the surreal this movement has gone is a video clip of a group of high school kids in Iowa marching to town hall chanting, “what do we want?” “Safety” When do we want it?” “Now”

And a meme on Face Book that said: ” The adults have failed to do anything, now it is time for the children to lead us.”


I am not sure why it has not been picked up back on Earth. Given the maturity level of our current crop of young people, (they are being warned against eating Tide detergent pods, and last year , were walking into traffic searching for pokemons with their cell phones), the idea of inviting a couple of Priest-Kings to come down and set up a nest in the Rocky Mountains, complete with monitoring devices and blue flame generators should have a lot of appeal to them.

The Gorean perspective on this is really rather simple and straightforward. The idea that “safety” is a guaranteed human right and somehow it can be achieved by demanding it and chanting for it flies totally in the face of our sense of the Natural Order of things and the acceptance of the existence of evil.

The whole symbolic approach to the Priest-Kings that suggests they represent pure rationality separate from human emotion would tell us that the only way any kind of gun control would be effective would be for a non-human purely rational species to set up shop on Earth and bring us all under technology control.

And that isn’t likely to happen.

The gun control advocates insist that we need to begin to “talk” about this issue, but they do not ever want to talk about it. They want to collect all the guns in the world and dump them in a trash compactor and then go back to watching the unicorns dancing in the meadow.


When you suggest that it doesn’t make sense to pass laws to restrain criminals from breaking laws, they don’t want to talk about it.

When you suggest that safety is not a basic right and expectation of the human condition and has never been, and could never be, they don’t want to talk about that either.

Their approach to the problem is so unrealistic, so immature, so child like , that it makes perfect sense for the adults to step aside and let children be their spokesmen.

I am thinking about how “firepower” has been a driving force of weapon technology on Earth for hundreds of years now. Any one with any military experience knows that throwing an overwhelming amount of firepower at an enemy is the most basic tactic of combat.


Many years ago, when I was still getting my feet wet in Second Life Gor, I got swept up in the fun of raids and battles. One day, I was visiting a “Gorean city” with big thick walls that was under attack by a single panther girl. She was running around outside the gates of the city at full speed, shooting laser accurate arrows at the defenders on the walls, who were powerless to defend themselves. If you even lifted your head above the wall you were instantly hit by two or three arrows. Shot by a girl, running and aiming and shooting all at the same time. She must have been armed with an AK-47 fully automatic self loading laser guided bow.

I waited patiently for the Blue Flame death to strike her down. And when it didn’t I took off my meter, and went out the gate, and smacked her in the ass with the flat of my sword and told her to tp on out of there before I slapped a collar on her.

She was outraged , of course, and told me my role play was invalid.


This story is just another example of how we bring our Earth baggage to Second Life Gor. Most of the people involved in the Gor Evolved and Raid role play would love to be able to use automatic weapons to attack Gorean sims, and the defenders of Gorean sims would love to use machine guns and long range artillery to defend their homes. This is just the nature of the beast.

In the aftermath of the shooting in Florida, I heard a lot of blame being passed around. The National Rifle Association was to blame. President Trump was to blame. Mental illness, a slow FBI reaction, and the biggest villain of all was the weapon used. Not to often was the killer blamed. He was more a victim himself that a cold blooded sociopath. At least, that is what the message seems to be.

Tarl makes this comment after learning of the weapons restrictions on Gor.

“On Gor , it was not the case that a cavern-chested toothpick could close a switch and devastate an army.”

Page 48 Tarnsman of Gor

On Earth, that still is the case. A cavern-chested cowardly evil toothpick can pull a trigger and kill 17 people.


What is the difference here? Gor has Priest-Kings and we do not. If we were going to restrict technology to the same degree , who are going to be our “Priest-Kings, and what will be the nature of their Blue Flame death?

Prometheus brings fire to man.

We found that even the Priest-Kings could not be fully trusted, and they certainly didn’t have the Goreans best interests in mind. How much are we going to be able to trust the ones on Earth?

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