The Freeport of Caer Cadarn Celebrates 5 year Anniversary as a Freeport!

Recently Caer Cadarn celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary as a Freeport! 5 years ago the men of Caer Cadarn decided they wanted a Home Stone. Just the right stone was chosen and was celebrated as the Home Stone of Caer Cadarn. Citizens at the time swore allegience to the Home Stone and the Freeport of Caer Cadarn was born!

This past week was the celebration of our 5 year anniversary. Sword tournaments, dances, discussions and more were held all to commemorate and celebrate the past 5 years. Many citizens either swore to the Home Stone or rededicated their lives to the Home Stone. It was a memorable event for all!

One of the featured events that everyone looks forward to was the performance by the Horettes. The Horettes are a group of dancers under the supervision of Gorm Runo – The administrator of Caer Cadarn. They are a renowned dance troupe within Second Life and they often perform at special events and at the broadcasts of The Gorean Compass – Master Gorm’s philosophical broadcast and discussion within Second Life. Below is a recording of the 5th anniversary Home Stone celebration performance. Please enjoy.


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